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  • Blog Post: Artist Interprets Anubis From Zone Of Enders

    Stuart Harris , a graphic designer who creates artistic of video game images, has done it again with a tribute to Anubis from the Zone Of Enders series. The frightening Orbital Frame of BAHRAM Colonel Ridley "Nohman" Hardiman still looks intimidating as ever, but there is also a majestic quality... More
  • Blog Post: Snake Can't Hide From Metal Gear Rex In A Cardboard Box

    One of the most intimidating battles of the PlayStation 1 era is Solid Snake's fight with Liquid Snake controlling Metal Gear Rex. The robotic beast's silhouette is unmistakable for fans of the series, and Game Informer favorite Stuart Harris has put it to good use. In case you were wondering... More
  • Blog Post: Samus' Eyes Complete This Metroid Prime-Inspired Poster

    Here at Game Informer, we are art lovers. And nothing makes our eyeballs as happy as game-inspired works created by fans. We've featured the work of Stuart Harris before. Not only have we shared his stunning Wind Waker-inspired poster , but we've had the opportunity to interview the Stafford... More
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