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  • Blog Post: Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 Now Live

    Star Citizen's alpha 2.0 is now available for dabbling by its players. Alpha 2.0 puts gives Star Citizen's players its first taste of first-person gunplay, adds new ships, new flight modes, and takes place in a new area, Crusader. For more details on the alpha 2.0 update, head here . Alongside... More
  • Blog Post: New Star Citizen Footage Shows Off Mix Of FPS, Space Sim, And EVA Gameplay

    Star Citizen made an appearance at The Game Awards Thursday night. A new trailer revealed footage of the game’s mix of first-person action, spaceship combat, and extravehicular activity (EVA) gameplay. Check out the trailer below for a look at the action. You can also check out the trailer to Star... More
  • Blog Post: Star Citizen's Squadron 42 Features Ensemble Cast Headlined By Gary Oldman

    During this weekend's CitizenCon, Cloud Imperium Games and Foundry 42 announced the star-studded cast of Squadron 42, the single-player and co-op experience coming to Star Citizen. The cast is headed up by Gary Oldman, who will play the role of Admiral Bishop in the game. Oldman has enjoyed a long... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] The Ball Is Back In Cloud Imperium's Court As The Escapist Responds To Demands

    Update: The Escapist has publicly responded to CIG's demands of an apology, retraction, and independent investigation. In a statement published on its website, the outlet says it stands by its reporting. The Escapist , notwithstanding Cloud Imperium Games' notice and posting, stands by its coverage... More
  • Blog Post: Chris Roberts Disputes Veracity Of New Inflammatory Star Citizen Allegations

    Star Citizen has become an internet soap opera over the past few months. And while those might be fun to watch on television, when $90 million hangs in the balance, the stakes are too high for laughs. Earlier today, The Escapist published a three-page story detailing alleged problems with developer Cloud... More
  • Blog Post: Chris Roberts Addresses Star Citizen Delays And Feature Creep Concerns

    Star Citizen creator Chris Roberts isn't ignoring the discussion that's happened over the past week regarding the game, offering updates on the project and addressing the recent concerns over its development. Today, over 925,000 people have contributed more than $85 million to the project, making... More
  • Blog Post: Star Citizen Backer's Pledge Canceled Over 'Vaporware' Allegations

    Star Citizen has lit up headlines for its impressive fundraising success since its Kickstarter campaign in 2012. Unfortunately, the projects is making waves now due to a conflict with a backer that led to developer Cloud Imperium Games canceling a pledge from one of its earliest supporters. On November... More
  • Blog Post: Star Citizen's Executive Producer Departs

    Cloud Imperium Games' executive producer Alex Mayberry has left the company, Game Informer confirmed today. Alex Mayberry left the company last month for personal reasons according to a PR representative. [Update 7/7/10] The majority of Mayberry's workload is expected to be picked up by Erin... More
  • Blog Post: Now Two Months Late, Star Citizen FPS Module Delayed Indefinitely

    If you happen to have been following the progress of Star Citizen’s now $84.6 million campaign, you may be wondering why you haven’t yet received the promised first-person shooter module. Called Star Marine, the content was supposed to be delivered shortly after PAX East in April. Two months... More
  • Blog Post: The Star Citizen Release Date Road Map

    At a BAFTA LA Masterclass session , Cloud Imperium's Chris Roberts announced the release road map for Star Citizen – including when he expects commercial launch. The game has different parts to it such as an FPS component , ship combat/racing (Arena Commander), single-player/co-op campaign... More
  • Blog Post: Star Citizen's Chris Roberts Leads First BAFTA LA Masterclass

    BAFTA Los Angeles – the LA branch of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts – has announced it's holding a Games Masterclass series in 2015, and Star Citizen's Chris Roberts is its first presenter. The masterclass is free and will be held at the Silver Screen Theatre, Pacific... More
  • Blog Post: Arena Commander Mode Coming To Star Citizen Backers This Month

    Backers of Star Citizen (which is up to more than $43 million in funding) will gain limited access to the game's Arena Commander mode very soon. In a post on the Star Citizen website , mastermind Chris Roberts wrote that the single player Free Flight and Vanduul Swarm Arena Commander games modes... More
  • Blog Post: Chris Roberts Shows Star Citizen's Dogfighting In Extensive Demo

    Chris Roberts gave Star Citizen backers an extensive, early look at the game's dogfighting module, which should be coming within the next month. The event took place last night, on the eve of PAX East, but you can see the hour-long presentation now. The clip below is Roberts' presentation in... More
  • Blog Post: More Than 200 Developers Working On Star Citizen, Dogfighting Coming Soon

    Roberts Space Industries’ ambitious space simulation title Star Citizen has been a crowdfunding success story. Over $39 million has been raised since the $2 million Kickstarter launched in October 2012. Today, Roberts began a series of monthly updates that delve a bit deeper into the title’s... More
  • Blog Post: Star Citizen Flies Past $39 Million Mark, New Goals Detailed

    Even though Roberts Space Industries' Star Citizen Kickstarter campaign ended in November 2012, it has continued to generate money through crowd-funding through its own site. It was revealed that Star Citizen has surpassed the $39 million mark, in a blog post by developer Chris Roberts this weekend... More
  • Blog Post: Star Citizen Delays Dogfighting Module

    Many prospective pilots had already tweaked their starships and were awaiting the green light for engaging other fighters in Star Citizen. But some developmental turbulence is delaying takeoff slightly. In a letter to its backers and fans, Chris Roberts revealed the development team will hold off a while... More
  • Blog Post: Star Citizen Fundraising Crosses The $21 Million Mark

    And to think, people said space combat simulations were dead. Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts continues to defy expectations with his return to the genre, Star Citizen. The money keeps pouring in for this crowdfunded project, which just crossed the $21 million mark. Thanks to reaching this stretch... More
  • Blog Post: Star Citizen Surpasses The $20 Million Mark

    Star Citizen, the crowd-funded space simulation from Cloud Imperium, has raised of $20 million, achieving a new stretch goal and bringing the finished product one step closer to fruition. From the mind of developer Chris Roberts (of Wing Commander fame), Star Citizen is a complex title that involves... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: Which Successfully Funded Kickstarter Are You Most Excited About?

    Some of the high-profile gaming-oriented Kickstarter projects are on the horizon. Which one are you desperately waiting for? In the last few years, Kickstarter has become a big part of the gaming industry, as numerous developers look to their fans to fund projects instead of a traditional publisher model... More
  • Blog Post: Watch Star Citizen for 24 Hours

    Star Citizen isn't finished yet, but that doesn't mean you can't spend your weekend with it. Over at the redesigned Roberts Space Industries website , the Star Citizen team is hosting a 24-hour live stream. It began today at 11 AM Central. The developers plan reveal new content, introduce... More
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