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  • Blog Post: You Could Be Listening To The Rock Band 4 Soundtrack On Spotify Right Now

    If you’re counting down the days to the release of Rock Band 4, this playlist might help time move a bit faster. The music fanatics at Harmonix have created a Spotify playlist filled with songs confirmed for the upcoming rhythm game. The playlist can be found here , and will play right from your... More
  • Blog Post: Spotify Arrives On PlayStation Today, No Plus Required

    Sony has announced that Spotify will launch today on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. You don't need PlayStation Plus to use it, and it sounds like you don't need a Spotify premium membership. Spotify's paid program removes the ads, improves audio quality, and gives users access to music... More
  • Blog Post: Spotify Arrives On PS4 This Spring Offering Custom Background Soundtracks

    Sony has announced a new service called PlayStation Music powered by Spotify. You’ll be able to link your PSN account to Spotify and sign-up and access the music group’s premium service. In addition to streaming music, the new service will allow users to have custom background tunes in games... More
  • Blog Post: Rockstar Releases Playlists For All GTA Radio Stations On Spotify and iTunes

    Rockstar has always created licensed music soundtracks that encompass a tremendous variety of styles and eras. Now, in anticipation of Grand Theft Auto V, you can go back through GTA history and listen to all your favorite tracks from past GTA games on iTunes and the streaming music service Spotify.... More
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