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  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: How Would You Change The Sims And SimCity?

    Today brought news that Maxis Emeryville is shutting down . The studio brought us games like Spore and SimCity, but EA has chosen to shutter the office, even while keeping other related EA studios open in Redwood Shores, Salt Lake City, Helsinki, and Melbourne. The future of Maxis' properties are... More
  • Blog Post: EA Shuts Down SimCity Studio Maxis Emeryville

    EA has shut down the studio responsible for Spore and SimCity. The news comes from Guillaume Pierre, lead gameplay scripture and a designer on SimCity (according to his Twitter profile). “Well it was a fun 12 years, but it's time to turn off the lights and put the key under the door. #RIPMaxisEmeryville... More
  • Blog Post: PSA: EA Offering SimCity 2000 For Free As Latest ‘On The House’ Title

    Origin's 'On the House' initiative is offering a new free game with no strings attached: SimCity 2000. Released a full six years before the actual year 2000, you can grab SimCity 2000 for free as long as you have an Origin account by heading here . On the House games from Origin are completely... More
  • Blog Post: EA’s Maxis Appears To Be Developing A New Sandbox Crafting Game

    SimCity and The Sims studio Maxis appears to be branching into new territory if a job listing is any indication. The studio seeks someone with Minecraft, Little Big Planet, and Project Spark familiarity. The search for a senior designer for a “new, unannounced Maxis product being created at EA’s... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] SimCity Going Off The Grid

    Update: According to an EA rep, SimCity's Update 10, which enables offline play, is being released today. Via Twitter , Maxis PR director Charlie Sinhaseni wrote, "Hey guess what? Update 10 that enables Offline Play for @simcity is coming today. Deployment begins now." Original Story: SimCity... More
  • Blog Post: Final Testing Underway On SimCity Offline

    Maxis has announced that its next SimCity update, which will include the option to play offline , is now in final testing. The move to cut the cord was announced in January. The online play is not affected, and those that have been building as part of multiplayer regions can continue to do so. Offline... More
  • Blog Post: EA Sets Ground Rules For SimCity Modders

    In a post on the official SimCity blog , Maxis and Electronic Arts offer its blessings for those who want to mod SimCity, but not without a few restrictions. You can see the full list of rules and stipulations by heading here . Most of it is reasonably straightforward asking that modders not to inject... More
  • Blog Post: Maxis Exploring Offline Mode For SimCity

    In a recent blog post on Maxis' website, Maxis Emeryville general manager Patrick Buechner reveals the way forward for SimCity . The most notable of the announcements is that the studio is exploring an offline mode for the title. On March 15, 2013, recently promoted senior vice president Lucy Bradshaw... More
  • Blog Post: Mac Release For SimCity Just In Time For School To Start

    EA and Maxis are getting ready to give SimCity another go on Mac. The game has seen multiple delays on the platform, but a tweet from the official account offers a new release date. Good news, Mayors! #SimCity is coming to Mac on Aug 29. RT if you can't wait to start building on the Mac. —... More
  • Blog Post: Former SimCity Leads Form New Studio Of 'Recovering Ex-AAA Developers'

    Three developers behind the troubled SimCity have departed EA and Maxis to form their own studio. Not only have they left their employers behind, but the trio of Jellygrade founders profess to be "recovering ex-AAA developers," implying a different kind of experience than their previous work... More
  • Blog Post: Update Tomorrow Re-Enables Features In SimCity

    SimCity is receiving a hefty update tomorrow that adds new locations, and re-activates features that were disabled. You can check out the full list of upcoming updates below. New: SimCity Launch Park, an exclusive new park just for our dedicated fans who were early adopters. New: Region: Edgewater Bay... More
  • Blog Post: Major SimCity Update Coming On Monday April 22

    The first big update to Maxis' stumbling SimCity will arrive on April 22, 2013. The patch fixes a number of bugs, including an important fix for the HUD in colorblind mode. Casinos are now more profitable, but you'll have to rebuild for the benefits to kick in. There are fixes to a number of... More
  • Blog Post: SimCity Cheetah Mode Returns, Mac Version Due June 11

    In a recent Facebook post , the creators of SimCity , Maxis, confirmed that it was bringing back Cheetah Speed. The game play mode is one of the many features that were removed during the fumbled launch of the title. They also confirmed via the post that they are working on a second update. Cheetah speed... More
  • Blog Post: Peter Moore Believes EA Can Do Better

    It’s been a tumultuous 2013 for EA. Financial projections are down, CEO John Riccitiello has stepped down , and one of the publisher's biggest launches was horribly botched . Today, chief operating officer Peter Moore has addressed a number of concerns that are leading the company deep into... More
  • Blog Post: EA Exec: SimCity Always-Online Came From Maxis

    EA Labels president Frank Gibeau told GamesIndustry International that SimCity’s online requirement was born out of the creative vision of Maxis’ development team, not the “evil suits at EA.” Gibeau likens SimCity to an MMO, and has harsh words for DRM controls. “DRM is... More
  • Blog Post: Despite Issues, SimCity's Launch Was Biggest In Series' History

    Even though the game took heat for a less-than-optimal launch, EA is calling SimCity a success. Maxis' city-building game sold more than 1.1 million copies within the first two weeks of its release, making it the most popular installment in the series. EA said that more than half of consumers (54... More
  • Blog Post: EA Offering SimCity Players One Of Eight Free Games

    EA said it was offering free games to players as an apology for SimCity's botched launch, and now they've revealed the selection – which includes SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition. If you've activated SimCity , you should be getting an email from EA that offers instructions on how to claim your... More
  • Blog Post: Maxis "Rejected" Offline Mode For SimCity

    Maxis general manager Lucy Bradshaw explained in a blog post why the SimCity developer felt that offline play "didn't fit in with [their] vision." In an effort to explain why SimCity is what it is, Bradshaw listed off what the "significant calculations" your SimCity game offloads... More
  • Blog Post: SimCity Modded For Offline Play

    SimCity has been criticized for its demand that players be always connected online to play the game, and now a modder has found a way to play it offline. UKAzzer has accessed the game's debug mode, which allows him to play the game indefinitely offline, among other things. Usually the game has a... More
  • Blog Post: Report: Anonymous Maxis Employee Says SimCity Could Easily Be Played Offline

    Through all the trials and tribulations that SimCity has gone through with its required online play, Maxis and Electronic Arts have held firm that taking the game offline would require substantial reprogramming. According to an anonymous employee from Maxis who claims to be familiar with the programming... More
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