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  • Blog Post: New Alien: Isolation Pinball Table Trailer Shows A Bug-B-Que

    It's doubtful that anyone thought "Pinball!" while playing the 2014 survival-horror game Alien: Isolation, but the creative minds at Zen Studios saw potential in The Creative Assembly's game. Alien vs. Pinball brings a trio of new tables to Zen's pinball platform, including the... More
  • Blog Post: Sega Is Now Publishing Atlus U.S.A. Games, But Don't Worry

    Sega is completing its acquisition of Atlus, which began in 2013 . In order to streamline its business operations, Atlus games will now be published by Sega. But before you start to worry, we have some good news. Essentially, nothing from the end-user point of view is changing. The Atlus brand will remain... More
  • Blog Post: Humble Bundle Teams With Sega To Delivery A Mountain Of Strategy

    If you’re hungry for strategy games, but your wallet is a bit starved, the latest Humble Bundle might be the perfect solution. The pay-what-you-want platform has teamed with Sega to offer a tactical tasting. Even if you only spend a single dollar, you’re getting a great bundle of games, including... More
  • Blog Post: Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice To Arrive Later This Year

    Sega announced today at its SXSW panel that the 3DS game Sonic Boom: Fire And Ice is expected to release later this year. The game was announced originally in 2015, but was later delayed and put off until 2016 to continue polishing the title. 2014 saw the release of two Sonic Boom games, including Wii... More
  • Blog Post: Total War: Warhammer Delayed Until May In Part To Give Reviewers More Time

    Creative Assembly needs a bit more time crafting its take on The Old World. Total War: Warhammer has been delayed out of April into May. In a post on the game’s forums, the studio says it needs another month. The move is partially to give reviewers enough time to present a fair perspective on the... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] Sega's Giving Away Another Trio Of Games On Steam

    Update: A third wave of free games has hit the Make War, Not Love promotion page. The games are Gunstar Heroes, Renegade Ops, and Vikings: Battle For Asgard. You can enter your email address on the page to receive a code, though SEGA notes that it might take a few days for the code to get to you because... More
  • Blog Post: Make War Not Love With Deals On Three Sega Real-Time Strategy Franchises

    It’s Valentine’s Day, which means you might consider cuddling up to someone close to you. Or, you can challenge them to an online duel and kill them right in their face. Relic and Creative Assembly, Sega’s dynamic duo of real-time strategy studios, are at it again with Make War, Not... More
  • Blog Post: Launch Editions Of Sega 3D Classics Collection Will Include Stickers

    Sega 3D Classics Collection, which gathers nine classic Sega games which have been updated with stereoscopic 3D on 3DS into one package, is getting a bonus for those who grab the game early. Alongside the game, first-run copies will come with a set of classic Sega decals. For surprisingly in-depth details... More
  • Blog Post: These Game Gear Illustrations Deserve To Be On A Shirt

    What if game worlds existed beyond the tiny screens in front of us? Earlier this month, illustrator Alex Griendling composed this sweet looking Game Boy design. My #gameboy illustration for today's @VectorDailies ! #VectorDailies pic.twitter.com/qBSPYqZNiT — Alex Griendling (@alexgriendling... More
  • Blog Post: Sega Sales Down, Profits Up Nine Months Into Fiscal Year

    Sega continues to readjust its corporate profile, as the mobile market, as well as the gambling in environment in Japan continue to change. The company posted reduced sales, but notes a turnaround in profits that should carry through to the end of the year. For the nine months ending December 31, 2015... More
  • Blog Post: Sega Bringing Over 7th Dragon III Code: VFD On 3DS

    Sega is bringing the popular 3DS RPG series 7th Dragon to the U.S. with the localization of its fourth entry – 7th Dragon III Code: VFD for the handheld this summer. The game may be the fourth entry, but Sega says that story of this dungeon crawler stands by itself. Code: VFD takes place in 2100... More
  • Blog Post: Valkyria Chronicles Remastered Confirmed For Western Release On PS4

    Today brings good news for Valkyria Chronicles fans in western territories. Sega has confirmed that the previously announced remastered version will be released globally. With last year’s release of the game on PC , it might have been assumed that Sega would export the remastered version. However... More
  • Blog Post: Sega 3D Classics Collection Coming To 3DS In America

    Sega has been busy the last year or so updating classic titles to support the three-dimensional capabilities of Nintendo's 3DS , then releasing them digitally. A plethora of these 3D Classics are now being gathered together for physical release in the Sega 3D Classics Collection, Sega announced today... More
  • Blog Post: Sega Teases Valkyria Chronicles Remaster PS4 News Coming Soon

    Valkyria Chronicles, one of the PS3’s most criminally overlooked games, is getting a remastered PS4 version in Japan. Today, Sega teased that news about a possible western release is coming soon. The video below from Sega Europe’s YouTube channel features a Sega representative gleefully teasing... More
  • Blog Post: Did You Know Gaming Takes A Look In The Rear-view Mirror At The Simpsons Hit And Run

    Do you remember The Simpsons Hit & Run? I sure do. I commonly refer to it as "The Grand Theft Auto My Parents Would Let Me Play." Well, Did You Know Gaming took a drive down memory lane and brought back a video with some facts about one of the better games made out from The Simpsons. Per... More
  • Blog Post: Japanese Yakuza 6 Trailer Gets Brutal

    North America is a step behind in the Yakuza series, but that doesn't mean that fans are going to want to miss out on this new footage of Yakuza 6 on the PS4. The game doesn't have a North American release date yet, but the trailer's gleaming streets, detailed interiors, and thundering hits... More
  • Blog Post: Clues Point To Sonic Generations Nearly Featuring A Third Dreamcast-Era Sonic

    Generations follows the exploits of two Sonics: modern pre-Boom Sonic and classic Genesis Sonic. It appears, however, that a third Sonic based on his Dreamcast iteration, may have also been considered. The rumor comes from the latest episode of Did You Know Gaming, which covers Sonic Generations. You... More
  • Blog Post: Yakuza 5 Has A Release Date, Yakuza 0 On The Way [Trailer Added]

    Yakuza 5 has been confirmed for release in North America for some time, but now we know exactly when.The PlayStation 4 version of Yakuza 0 is also heading west. Yakuza 5 releases Tuesday, December 8. Yakuza 0 released on PlayStation 3 and 4 in Japan, but Sega will only be localizing the PlayStation 4... More
  • Blog Post: Sega Drops Profit Forecast For Fiscal Year By 89.5 Percent

    Sega has announced significant changes to its current year fiscal performance. The company is dropping expectations across the board for the year ending March 31, 2016. While sales are only dropping by 15.5 percent from ¥420 billion ($3.4 billion) to ¥355 billion ($2.9 billion). Operating income... More
  • Blog Post: Valkyria Chronicles Lives On With New Entry And Remaster

    When 2008’s Valkyria Chronicles arrived on Steam last year , fans of the strategy series found new hope that it would live on. After making a splash on PlayStation 3 with the initial outing, the franchise moved to PSP for its second and third entries. The most recent didn’t even make it to... More
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