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  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: What Sci-Fi Story Would You Like To See Reimagined As A Game?

    Earlier today, Reiner posted a massive feature detailing 10 dream games he'd like to play based on some of his favorite sci-fi stories. His selections include everything from extended-universe Star War offshoots to some classic John Carpenter movies, and they all sound pretty awesome. Now it's... More
  • Blog Post: Shadowrun: Hong Kong Reaches First Funding Goal In Under Two Hours

    Developer Harebrained Schemes' Shadowrun: Hong Kong has already reached its first three funding goals. As discussed in our earlier feature covering the development of Shadowrun: Hong Kong , Harebrained Schemes doesn't need Kickstarting funding to complete the next entry in the Shadowrun series... More
  • Blog Post: Defiance TV Show Picked Up For A Third Season

    Defiance , the SyFy television show affiliated with the Trion Worlds MMO of the same name, begins its third season next year. The show's renewal was revealed on Trion Worlds' website by the game's creative lead, Trick Dempsey. The show's third season will begin airing next year, though... More
  • Blog Post: Doctor Who Invades Minecraft For Xbox 360

    With Peter Capaldi as the twelfth Doctor Who, the long-running British sci-fi series has never been hotter in the U.S., recently setting a new high ratings mark for BBC America. Now, the good Doctor is coming to the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft. Microsoft has announced that a new Doctor Who character... More
  • Blog Post: What If Blade Runner Had Been An 8-bit RPG?

    Harebrained Schemes recent Shadowrun Returns scratched an itch that the dystopian sci-fi film Blade Runner started back in 1982. Shadowrun was good , but we still wonder what a Blade Runner game would look like. CineFix recently dreamed up what an 8-bit Blade Runner might have looked like. Watch Deckard... More
  • Blog Post: How Bungie Built The World Of Destiny

    Bungie admits that there is no secret to creating a brand new fictional universe from scratch. In order to create the world of Destiny, Bungie drew hundreds of pieces of concept art, argued about the team’s ideas in meetings, and scraped a lot of concepts and started over before they finally landed... More
  • Blog Post: CD Projekt Promises Details On Its Science Fiction RPG Soon

    CD Projekt Red, the developer behind both Witcher titles, has been teasing its upcoming science-fiction RPG project for quite some time . Next month, we will get some real details. On October 18, CD Projekt Red is holding a special event on GOG.com at 10:00 AM Pacific time. Along with details on its... More
  • Blog Post: We Tear Up Over Crysis 3’s Sharp Graphics

    Update: Take a peek at the newly-released trailer for Crysis 3. Original Story During EA’s E3 press conference, Crytek showed off the latest entry in its sci-fi shooter series, Crysis. During the company's demo, Crysis 3 protagonist Prophet shoots up a small tropical island, kicks a generator... More
  • Blog Post: The Witcher Developer Teases Its Next Project

    CD Projekt Red, the team behind The Witcher and The Witcher 2, has released this cyberpunk image as a hint about what its upcoming project could be. Tomorrow there will be a live stream discussing the project further, which has something to do with GOG.com, which is the online delivery service for classic... More
  • Blog Post: War of the Worlds Arthur Diary 2 Hyde Park

    Other Ocean and Reverb Games are working on a downloadable XBLA and PSN game based on the classic The War of the Worlds license. This trailer gives players a taste of the protagonist’s narration that will steer the game’s story. The War of the World’s is still set to release later this... More
  • Blog Post: XCOM Reboot Coming Next March

    Publisher 2K Games has announced when the alien invasion will be going down. The reboot of XCOM will be available March 6, 2012, on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. The game was announced last year, and after showing off a preview build , 2K has been pretty quiet about it. The game marks a departure... More
  • Blog Post: Build A Lightsaber Or A Time Machine With Ikea’s Sci-Fi Manuals

    What if pre-fab furniture maker Ikea showed us how to build Back to the Future’s DeLorean or Dr. Who’s Tardis? Ever open up a manual from Ikea and find yourself immediately confused about how to put together something as simple as a bookshelf? College Humor imagines what Ikea manuals for... More
  • Blog Post: Doctor Who Gets A Free-To-Play MMO

    If you think that Trekkies and Star Wars fans are the kings of the sci-fi dorks, you obviously haven't heard of Doctor Who , the long-running BBC series that's been enjoying a renaissance in the last decade or so. The TV show already spawned a successful batch of free-for-download adventure games... More
  • Blog Post: Crysis 2 Invading New York March 22

    Console gamers will get their first chance to wield the awesome powers of the nanosuit early next year. According to the official Crysis 2 tweet , you can look forward to kicking some alien ass and saving what's left of a decimated New York City on March 22. Though you'd think Fed Ex could handle... More
  • Blog Post: Jumpgate Evolution Impresses At E3

    I’ve lost count of the times I’ve implored the industry at large to make more games like X-Wing and Starlancer. I never thought the answer to my prayers would come in the form of an MMO. Jumpgate Evolution, unlike original Jumpgate, focuses on space dogfights to the exclusion of all else... More
  • Blog Post: Sword of the Stars II Announced

    Paradox Interactive dropped the news of a sequel to 2006's space empire grand strategy title for PC this morning. A favorite among hardcore strategy gamers, Sword of the Stars is beloved for its outstanding balance and the well-executed real-time battles within its larger turn-based structure. The... More
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