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  • Blog Post: Fans Bring The Canceled, Unfinished Sonic X-Treme To Life

    A motivated group on the Sonic Retro Forums has painstakingly ported the cancelled, unfinished Sega Saturn 3D Sonic title Sonic X-Treme to PC so it can be played on modern machines. You can check out some gameplay footage of the port in the video below, and find out more about the project and how to... More
  • Blog Post: Handy Graphic Shows Video Game Console Cost Adjusted For Inflation Up To Current-Gen

    Video games are an expensive hobby, and while it might not appear to be true – considering current prices – in general, the cost of playing video games has gone down over the years. You'll see the chart below, which was posted on reddit last month by user Auir2blaze . It puts into perspective... More
  • Blog Post: Bidder Offers $15,500 For Sega Pluto Console

    Shortly after a former Sega employee posted photos of what basically amounted to a prototyped Sega Saturn with online capabilities codenamed the Pluto, the console appeared on eBay for sale. The original online appearance of the console on AssemblerGames came with the quote that this was probably one... More
  • Blog Post: Photos Of Rare Sega Prototype "Pluto" Console Surface Online

    A former Sega employee has revealed photos of rare Saturn variant prototype console that was codenamed "Pluto." The shots came from a poster on the AssemblerGames forums, a former Sega employee who now lives in Japan. The shots are of what he believes to be only one of two "Pluto"... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] Radiant Silvergun Dated For XBLA

    [Update] A Microsoft spokesperson has confirmed that the September 14 release date Treasure revealed on its site is indeed a worldwide date. Start practicing those twitch reflexes. [Original story] At last year's TGS, Microsoft announced that Treasure's classic arcade/Saturn shooter Radiant Silvergun... More
  • Blog Post: Sega Considering Downloadable Saturn Games

    We already know about Sega's plan to bring Dreamcast games to Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network soon. But what about Sega's previous, lesser-known and less-beloved console, the Saturn? According to a recent interview, Saturn games may also be in line for digital re-release in the future... More
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