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  • Blog Post: Seth Killian Leaves Sony Computer Entertainment

    Seth Killian (pictured left), a familiar name among fighting game fans, has left his position as a lead game designer with Sony Computer Entertainment and moved on to a new, unnamed venture. Though he was a fixture in the fighting game scene before, Killian came into the spotlight when he was working... More
  • Blog Post: Sony Santa Monica's New IP Canceled Alongside Studio Layoffs

    Earlier this week, Sony confirmed that it was laying off employees at its Santa Monica Studio as part of a restructuring plan. Now, a former employee has revealed that an unannounced IP was a casualty as well. Jonathan Hawkins, a former lead level designer with the studio who worked on the God of War... More
  • Blog Post: Where Is Our God Of War: Ascension Review?

    Sony Santa Monica's God of War: Ascension comes out on Tuesday, and many reviews are already available. Ours isn't, but it will be soon. Unlike some games , this delay isn't due to any sort of catastrophic server error . I still want to spend more time with the game before making a final... More
  • Blog Post: The Unfinished Swan Music and Sound Developer Diary

    Music is an important part of any game, but in an artsy title like The Unfinished Swan, sound design becomes monumental. How does a designer hold up under the pressure? How, we ask you? Why would you even know? SCEA's musicians talk about the inspirations for The Unfinished Swan's music. More
  • Blog Post: Three Cancelled Sony PS3 Titles Revealed

    The LinkedIn profile for one of Sony Santa Monica's sound designers inadvertently names three unannounced PS3 titles that will never see the light of day. Steve Johnson's resume reads like a greatest hits collection for Sony-exclusive PS3 titles, with games like Infamous, God of War III, Twisted... More
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