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  • Blog Post: Madden Ratings Czar, Donny Moore, Leaving EA Sports

    People love to hate him (and, some years, hate to love him), but he’s leaving all that behind. Donny Moore, who has served as the Madden NFL “ratings czar,” is leaving EA after 16 years at the company. Moore has been responsible for determining player ratings, drawing criticism (and... More
  • Blog Post: What's BioWare's Green Cloud?

    There's a new listing on the Australian game ratings board site for a new BioWare game codenamed "Green Cloud." The listing was spotted by IGN. We're assuming that "Green Cloud" is a codename – unless BioWare is going with a seriously unmarketable title for a new IP... More
  • Blog Post: Twitch Viewership Numbers Rival Those Of Major Cable Networks

    New data shows just how popular the game-streaming service Twitch has become. Twitch, which was recently purchased by Amazon for a nearly a billion dollars, is posting viewer numbers that rival ratings for some of the biggest cable networks in the world. A recent New York Times article shows the explosive... More
  • Blog Post: ESRB Updating Ratings Symbols For Added Visibility

    image credit: Polygon The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) is updating its iconic ratings symbols to make them easier to read. The last time changes were made to these symbols was more than a decade ago. The symbols, seen above, remove the "content rated by" text, and change the coloring... More
  • Blog Post: EVO Championships Broke Viewership Records

    The online game streaming site Twitch.tv says that the interest in this year's EVO game tournament drove online viewer numbers to new heights. The EVO Championship series drew, in total, 1.7 million unique viewers. The most popular match of the weekend was Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, with 144,848... More
  • Blog Post: ESRB Announces New Digital Ratings System

    ESRB ratings have become a familiar sight on game boxes, but they have been conspicuously absent on digitally distributed games. That's about to change, according to an announcement from the nonprofit organization. The ratings, which developers can add at no cost, are designed to help players navigate... More
  • Blog Post: Apple And Google Refuse ESRB Mobile Ratings

    The ESRB, which has long rated console and PC games for content, has announced plans to begin rating mobile games sometime in 2012. However, these ratings might not matter much, as both Apple and Google are planning to ignore this new ratings system entirely. Apple offered no official comment, but a... More
  • Blog Post: ESRB Ratings Now Available In iPhone App

    The ESRB’s rating system is simple to understand, but it’s not especially helpful to parents who don’t follow games religiously. What’s comic mischief? Does “mild violence” include murder? That kind of detailed game-by-game information is available on the organization’s... More
  • Blog Post: Activision Is Taking Parents To Ratings School

    Activision has launched its Ratings Are Not A Game program, which aims to teach parents about the importance of ESRB ratings as well as other important issues that affect children and video games. The series of short videos feature experts, such as Cheryl K. Olson, co-director at the Center for Mental... More
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