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  • Blog Post: Quantum Break Getting A Title Update With Plenty Of Fixes On Xbox One Today

    The Xbox One version of Quantum Break is getting a number of fixes today care of a title update. The patch notes include the normal details, like the broad fixing of bugs and glitches, but also includes some weirdly specific bugs like, "World no longer visibly unloads after Jack lets Beth and NPC... More
  • Blog Post: Remedy Addresses Quantum Break Windows 10 Problems

    While Xbox One gamers have been having a mostly trouble-free time with Quantum Break, the PC version has been experiencing problems. Criticisms include frame rate stutters, crashes, and performance issues. In an extensive post on the game’s forum’s Remedy has acknowledged a host of issues... More
  • Blog Post: Remedy Releases Free Quantum Break Ringtones

    Remedy Entertainment released a set of free Quantum Break-themed ringtones today, as well as an all-new track inspired by the time-bending shooter and a bonus ringtone based on the theme from Alan Wake. The eight ringtones are available in MP3 and M4R format, so they’re compatible with any Windows... More
  • Blog Post: New Releases This Week: April 3 - April 9

    Last week was the big Oculus Rift software launch. This week sees the rollout of Valve’s partnership with HTC, the Vive. For those that aren’t on board with the VR movement, there are still some things to play, so fear not. Quantum Break headlines the week, but there’s also a new slate... More
  • Blog Post: Prepare For Quantum Break With Our Exclusive Content Hub

    With Quantum Break releasing in a couple days, now is the perfect time to look back on our exclusive content that we revealed in December with our cover story. Click here , or the banner below, to be directed to our features, videos, and more on Quantum Break. We asked creative director Sam Lake 100... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: Are You Picking Up Quantum Break This Week?

    Remedy's Quantum Break, the time-bending third-person shooter that blends with an integrated live-action TV show, is releasing this Tuesday. Will you be picking it up? We've seen "bullet time" explored in films like The Matrix, and in games like Max Payne, but Quantum Break is taking... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Streams Quantum Break In Twitch Sneak Peek

    Microsoft Studios general manager Shannon Loftis will be playing Quantum Break later today on Twitch, from 3:30-4:30 p.m. Pacific. Quantum Break looks to be one of this spring's biggest Xbox One releases, and will hopefully live up to Remedy's legacy of titles like Alan Wake and Max Payne. You... More
  • Blog Post: Quantum Break's Live-Action Episodes Are Streamed To Save Hard Drive And Disc Space

    Remedy Entertainment's upcoming action title Quantum Break looks to combine elements of a live-action TV drama with the choice-based gameplay to deliver a unique experience. Remedy has confirmed to us that the live-action episodes that play following each act of the game will stream to your Xbox... More
  • Blog Post: Remedy's Sam Lake Celebrates Quantum Break's Completion With A Giant Bottle Of Champagne

    Sam Lake and a giant bottle of champagne took to twitter this morning to announce the completion of Quantum Break. Gone GOLD #QuantumBreak @remedygames pic.twitter.com/ClINo3dkv7 — Sam Lake (@SamLakeRMD) February 19, 2016 The game has officially gone gold, which means it is done and ready to be... More
  • Blog Post: Quantum Break Won’t Be Sold On Steam

    Last week, Microsoft dropped a surprise announcement that Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break is now simply a “console exclusive.” The Remedy-developed game is coming to PC, but don’t expect to play it natively in your Steam library. On Major Nelson’s podcast this week, Larry Hryb... More
  • Blog Post: Buy Quantum Break To Remedy Your Need For Free Alan Wake

    One of Microsoft’s biggest releases this spring is getting just a bit larger. The Xbox.com Quantum Break product page indicates that there are opportunities for two additional games bundled in. Remedy is dishing out Alan Wake for anyone that purchases Quantum Break digitally. It will come with... More
  • Blog Post: New Quantum Break Trailer Teased For Tomorrow

    Remedy's Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break is getting a new trailer tomorrow, and a short animated gif is teasing what's to come. In the tease we see the back of protagonist Jack Joyce (or at least presumably Jack Joyce) as it lights up with lasers from snipers. Exactly what time the new trailer... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Runs Down 2016 Xbox One Console Exclusives

    Following the delay of Scalebound into 2017 , Microsoft decided to put fans’ minds at ease about what’s coming for the console. Despite losing Platinum’s dragon-themed adventure, there are still a number of things planned. We’ve got a locked in date for Quantum Break on April... More
  • Blog Post: New Quantum Break Trailer Revealed At The Game Awards 2015

    At The Game Awards 2015, viewers were treated to a new trailer for the upcoming time-bending thriller Quantum Break. The game, blending third-person action with actual digital episodes, will be available in April 2016. You can check out our entire month of cover story coverage here to learn more about... More
  • Blog Post: The Game Awards Teases Far Cry Primal Gameplay And Quantum Break Premieres

    The Game Awards, the now-annual awards show produced by Geoff Keighley, is promising gameplay from Primal and new footage from Quantum Break among other premieres and details. Here is a sneak peak at #TheGameAwards Follow @thegameawards for more & watch LIVE this Thursday 12/3 @ 9p ET/ 6p PT https... More
  • Blog Post: Submit Your Questions For Our Quantum Break Podcast

    Our month of Quantum Break coverage is coming to a close next week, and now that we're almost done sharing all the details we gathered from our trip to developer Remedy in Espoo, Finland, we want to open up the floor to our readers. Do you have questions about the combat, narrative, or television... More
  • Blog Post: The Quantum Break Digital Issue Is Now Live

    If you subscribe to the computer or tablet edition of Game Informer magazine, you can now read all kinds of new and exciting information on Quantum Break. Following today's cover announcement , our digital issue is now live on web browsers and will be coming to iPad , Android , and Google Play throughout... More
  • Blog Post: December Cover Revealed – Quantum Break

    Remedy has a history of creating story-focused action games that play with television’s storytelling format. With Quantum Break, the studio has gone all out, creating a professional-quality, live-action show that will be bundled with the game. The process hasn’t been easy, but for a studio... More
  • Blog Post: Quantum Break's Shawn Ashmore Reacts To Receiving Entertainment's Highest Honor

    Earlier today, I had the chance to chat with Shawn Ashmore about playing Jack Joyce in Remedy's Quantum Break. Our conversation, which included Remedy creative director Sam Lake, touched on his past roles, how he adapted to the digital medium, and developing Jack's character. Before we parted... More
  • Blog Post: Shawn Ashmore And Sam Lake Give Us Hope For Quantum Break's Live-Action Segments

    For three years, we've been patiently waiting for Remedy's next big title. As an unabashed fan of Alan Wake (and Max Payne before it), I've been eagerly following the development of Quantum Break on this long journey. Today, I sat down with Remedy creative director Sam Lake, actor Shawn Ashmore... More
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