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  • Blog Post: Start Lining Up To Buy One Of 444 Unclaimed PlayStation 4 Units At Sony's Launch Event

    If you're in New York City and don't mind lining up until Friday at midnight, you can get your hands on one of 444 PlayStation 4 units that will be available without a pre-order. Sony has created a pop-up store at the Standard Hotel in the Meat Packing District (848 Washington Street). In addition... More
  • Blog Post: The PlayStation 4 Firmware Update 1.5 Is Live

    We are hard at work on our impressions of the PlayStation 4, and the all-important firmware update 1.5 is now live. Our PlayStation 4 units will now connect online, and we're taking a look at the new features we've just now unlocked. Setting up a PSN account on the system was easy, and the real... More
  • Blog Post: You'll Always Know How Rare Your PlayStation 4 Trophies Are

    Have you ever wondered whether that PlayStation trophy you just earned is a gimme or something worth crowing about? Now you don't have to scroll through your friends' trophies to find out. The PlayStation 4 will offer a dynamic trophy-rarity system. On your trophy screen, you'll see a classification... More
  • Blog Post: PlayStation 4's Boot Time Is A Bit Longer Than PlayStation 3

    If you have a 3DS or a Vita, you know how wonderful suspending your game and picking right back up can be. Unfortunately, the PlayStation 4 won't have that on Friday, but it will be patched in some time after launch. We're hopeful that it comes soon, because we confirmed the boot time on the... More
  • Blog Post: Real Name Requests And Other Ways You'll Connect With Friends On PlayStation 4

    We've known that the PlayStation 4 will offer the option for users to share their real names with friends. Today we saw one way that will work. Sony showed off some of the new ways you'll be connecting with existing friends and meeting new ones. The PlayStation 4's front page when you boot... More
  • Blog Post: Twitch On PlayStation 4 Makes Brilliant Innovations

    We had a look at how Twitch will run on the PlayStation 4 today at Sony's event in New York City. While the interface looks familiar, it offers streamlined usability not before seen on consoles. If you've ever streamed from a console to Twitch and want to monitor the comments, you know you need... More
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