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  • Blog Post: JRPG Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines Gets U.S. Release Date On Vita

    Death is certain, but for the clan in JRPG Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines, it comes sooner than you'd expect. With a life span of just two years and the inability to procreate, members of this cursed clan must mate with gods in order to continue their lineage and dungeon crawling ways. The advantage... More
  • Blog Post: Sony To Begin Selling PlayStation 4 And PS Vita In China

    Following Microsoft's lead , Sony will be selling its PlayStation 4 and Vita systems in the world's most populous country. The reports that indicated Sony was going to begin selling PlayStation products in China are true. The systems will go on sale in China, which has only recently lifted its... More
  • Blog Post: Final Fantasy Type-0 Coming To PS4, Xbox One

    Originally unveiled as the mobile title Final Fantasy Agito XIII (before its name change ), Final Fantasy Type-0 only saw release in Japan when it was finished in 2011. Despite pleas from series fans, Square Enix never brought the game to the U.S. – probably due to the PSP's flagging support... More
  • Blog Post: Japanese PSone Rarity Hyper Crazy Climber Coming To PSN

    Monkey Paw Games is bringing the import-only original PlayStation game Hyper Crazy Climber to U.S. gamers for the first time. Hyper Crazy Climber was released in 1996 for the Japanese PlayStation by Nihon Bussan. It was a sequel of sorts to the 1980 arcade game Crazy Climber. Hyper Crazy Climber used... More
  • Blog Post: Indie Horror Game Home Coming To PS4 And Vita Later This Year

    Part of Sony’s strategy this generation with the PlayStation 4 is bringing indie games to its console. It was revealed today on the PlayStation Blog that Home would be coming to the PS4 and PS Vita this year, continuing the trend. Home is a horror, murder-mystery title designed by Benjamin Rivers... More
  • Blog Post: PlayStation Store Sales Start Tomorrow, Extend Through March 3rd

    In light of the two year anniversary of the PlayStation Vita’s release, Sony has decided to celebrate through promotion. Starting tomorrow, it’s slashing prices on many of the titles in its online store. The PlayStation Vita Anniversary Sale runs through March 3 and features many games at... More
  • Blog Post: Terraria Heading To PlayStation Vita This Month

    Terraria, the popular 2D Minecraft-esque building and digging sim, is coming to PlayStation Vita next week. The game has been available since April on consoles, and even longer on PC, and the Vita version of the game will be available on December 17. The game will be Cross Play compatible allowing PlayStation... More
  • Blog Post: Soul Sacrifice Joins Instant Game Collection

    The Monster Hunter series has spawned a number of titles that emulate the hunt, kill, craft game loop. Comcept’s Soul Sacrifice is in the same vein, but takes a much darker approach, tempting players to betray their friends and give up their humanity. The Vita title arrives in the Instant Game... More
  • Blog Post: The PlayStation 4 Version Of Diablo III Will Feature Vita Remote Play

    Recently, Blizzard said that it was considering implementing remote play streaming for PS Vita in its PlayStation 4 port of Diablo III. Now, we have confirmation that this feature will be in the game, and is already up and running. The news came in a tweet from the official Diablo Twitter account: "Will... More
  • Blog Post: Valhalla Knights 3 Released Today In North America

    Valhalla Knights 3 ships to retailers today and is available for digital download in North America. In celebration of the PS Vita game’s release in North America today and in Europe on October 23, the first title of the series will be free to download through October 21. Valhalla Knights 3, a medieval... More
  • Blog Post: Dragon's Crown Cross-Play Is Now Live

    Atlus's Dragon's Crown promises cross-play functionality has been implemented in a new patch. Now, Vita and PS3 owners can play the co-op action/RPG together. The company released a new trailer to celebrate, watch it, then hop on PSN and get your hack on. More
  • Blog Post: Sony Reveals Top Downloaded PlayStation Network Games Of August

    Today, Sony released a list detailing what games proved to be the most popular on the PlayStation Network during the month of August. First up is the list of top 20 PlayStation 3 and PSN games: DuckTales: Remastered Payday 2 Journey Madden NFL 25 Dragon’s Crown Saints Row IV Max Payne 3 Tokyo Jungle... More
  • Blog Post: PlayStation Vita Update 2.61 Available Now

    Update: When Sony said the update was coming soon two hours ago, it wasn't kidding. The update is available now. Original Story: Sony didn't offer an exact date, but it did, to a small degree, detail what the update will cover. PS Vita system update 2.61 is coming soon, system software stability... More
  • Blog Post: Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition Is Headed For Vita

    A recent tweet from the official Devolver Digital Twitter account suggests that Mr. Nukem will be bringing his gonzo theatrics to Sony's PlayStation Vita. The tweet read, simply, "Here's Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition running on a @PlayStation Vita. That is all." It was posted with... More
  • Blog Post: John Carmack Talks Wii U, Vita, Xbox One, and PS4

    At his annual QuakeCon keynote, legendary programmer and id Software founder John Carmack weighed in on the current handheld systems and next-gen consoles with some frank opinions. Carmack sounded disappointed with the commercial sales of Wii U and Vita. He mentioned that he had intended to bring Doom... More
  • Blog Post: Ken Levine Still Wants BioShock On Vita

    According to recent tweets from Irrational Games co-founder and creative director Ken Levine, he's still working to get a BioShock game started up on Sony's Vita handheld. Late last week Levine went on a question answering spree from his Twitter followers when one of them asked about the latest... More
  • Blog Post: Killzone: Mercenary Multiplayer Beta Registration Has Begun

    If you want in on the multiplayer beta for Sony's PS Vita shooter Killzone: Mercenary, act fast. Registration has begun and will only last until this coming Wednesday. According to the PlayStation Blog, you have until 2 p.m. PDT on Wednesday, July 17 to sign up. An unspecified number of applicants... More
  • Blog Post: The Walking Dead's 400 Days Coming To Vita

    While touting continued support for PlayStation Vita, Jack Tretton announced Telltale's first season of The Walking Dead is coming to the handheld, along with the now-confirmed new episode, 400 Days. 400 Days had been rumored earlier this week, thanks to an early listing on Steam . That new episode... More
  • Blog Post: Terraria Coming To PS Vita

    Sony's handheld will house the indie adventuring and building gem in all its glory this summer. Terraria channels 16-bit sidescrolling action with its huge variety of weapons and enemies, plus a little bit of a Minecraft vibe with its huge randomly generated worlds and the extensive building capabilities... More
  • Blog Post: Spanish Retailer Leaks Assassin's Creed: Rising Phoenix Is PS Vita Spin-off

    Spanish retailer, XtraLife, temporarily listed Assassin’s Creed: Rising Phoenix as a PlayStation Vita game. Last week, a logo for Assassin's Creed: Rising Phoenix surfaced online . If the Spanish retailer's listing is any indication, we're looking at the name of a PS Vita spinoff. The... More
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