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  • Blog Post: Teens Replicate The Wizard, Play Rad Racer With Nintendo Power Glove

    The React channel has become an undeniable sensation and its well-produced brand of lighthearted humor based on the “reaction video” premise earns most of the channel’s videos millions of views. One of its more popular features is the Teens React to Retro Games segment, which puts old... More
  • Blog Post: Robot Chicken Animator Uses Modified NES Power Glove To Animate

    Dillon Markey is an animator for Adult Swim's Robot Chicken , and he uses a modified Power Glove NES controller to make his job easier. You can check out a short documentary video on Markey's creation and job below, and how he uses his nostalgic creation in a practical way. The short was created... More
  • Blog Post: Power Glove Documentary Film Seeking Kickstarter Funding

    Power of Glove , a documentary about the infamous Power Glove NES accessory, is looking to Kickstarter to help complete the film. Unveiled around this time last year , Power of Glove examines the creation, failure, and cult following that has emerged surrounding the Power Glove. Co-directors Adam Ward... More
  • Blog Post: Documentary Film Covers The Legacy Of Nintendo's Power Glove

    The Power Glove for the Nintendo Entertainment System might not have worked nearly as well as advertised, but that doesn't mean it hasn't become a cultural phenomenon. Film makers Adam Ward, Andrew Austin, and Paula Kosowski wanted to document the legacy of one of Nintendo's strangest peripherals... More
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