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  • Blog Post: Sony Offering Two PS4 Bundles For $299

    Following up on its Black Friday deal last week , Sony has put the Star Wars: Battlefront and Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection bundles on discount at $299. The deal starts on December 6 and runs through December 19. Both bundles feature a standard 500GB system, and the Star Wars bundle includes... More
  • Blog Post: Where Is Our Rainbow Six Siege Review?

    Today is December 1st, which for many Tom Clancy fans is a day they thought would never come. Seven years and one cancellation since the release of the last Rainbow Six game, Ubisoft has finally returned the franchise to the fray. Though the series has been a fan favorite for many multiplayer aficionados... More
  • Blog Post: Trophies Appear Online For The PlayStation 4 Final Fantasy VII Port

    The port of the PC version of Final Fantasy VII to PlayStation 4's ( not the remake ) Trophies have appeared online, which could point to a nearby release. The Trophies are fairly straight-forward, and overlap heavily with the recently released Steam version of the game's Steam Achievements ... More
  • Blog Post: The Game Awards Teases Far Cry Primal Gameplay And Quantum Break Premieres

    The Game Awards, the now-annual awards show produced by Geoff Keighley, is promising gameplay from Primal and new footage from Quantum Break among other premieres and details. Here is a sneak peak at #TheGameAwards Follow @thegameawards for more & watch LIVE this Thursday 12/3 @ 9p ET/ 6p PT https... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: Do You Prefer Console Or Handheld?

    As technology moves forward, the gap between handheld and console gaming is getting smaller. Which one do you prefer? Obviously, some experiences will only be available on console, and those are great, but on the occasion where the two versions of a game are similar, which has your preference? In those... More
  • Blog Post: Free Portal Customization DLC Heading To Rocket League On PS4 And PC

    A companion cube antenna topper, gel-themed rocket trails, and other Portal items are coming to Rocket League free of charge. The items will begin appearing at the end of matches (win or lose) starting on December 1. According to developer Psyonix , these items will be available for both the PlayStation... More
  • Blog Post: PlayStation 4 Remote Play For PC And Mac Currently In The Works

    How and when we will be streaming PlayStation 4 games to Windows and Macs is still a questions, but Sony's president of worldwide studios Shuhei Yoshida confirmed it is happening. Some people asked if we plan to provide Remote Play function to PC, and yes, we are indeed working on an official application... More
  • Blog Post: Tense Star Wars: Battlefront Duel Is Almost Too Funny To Believe

    Thousands upon thousands of tense confrontations between the cannon fodder of the Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance have played out in the days since Star Wars: Battlefront released. The clip below captures only one of them, but boy is it one to remember. Uploaded by Nick Nixon on YouTube, the standoff... More
  • Blog Post: Sony Announces Lifetime PS4 Sales Have Reached 30.2 Million

    In late October, Sony announced via its quarterly earnings report that it had shipped 29.3 million PlayStation 4 consoles to retail (as of September 30). Today, the company shares that it has hit a milestone with 30.2 million units sold to customers. This statistic pulls together sales through November... More
  • Blog Post: PlayStation 4 Uncharted Bundle Drops To $299 On Black Friday

    Sony has announced a major black Friday deal on a PlayStation 4. The Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection bundle is dropping under $300 for this weekend only. The package comes with a 500 GB PlayStation 4 and the single-player campaigns for Uncharted, Uncharted 2, and Uncharted 3. You’ll also... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: What PS2 Games Do You Want To Play On PS4?

    Sony has already confirmed that it's exploring PS2 emulation on PS4s, but that leaves us with one question. What PS2 games do we want to play on our PS4s? It's no secret that the PS2 has a great library. No one is keeping that a secret. So if Sony got PS2 emulation working on the PS4 there would... More
  • Blog Post: Sony Confirms It’s Working On PS2 Emulation On PS4

    Update: Sony isn't ready to talk about its PS2 game emulation, but it is working on it. Sony sent us this official comment: "We are working on utilizing PS2 emulation technology to bring PS2 games forward to the current generation. We have nothing further to comment at this point in time."... More
  • Blog Post: Bethesda Details Fallout 4 Update Plans, Expects First PC Beta Patch To Be Available Soon

    Fallout 4 will be getting patched in the near future, and a recent note from the studio thanking fans for playing the game details how that process will work. In the letter from Bethesda, which you can read here , Bethesda writes, "Given the scale and complexity of the systems at work, especially... More
  • Blog Post: République Getting Physical Release On PS4 Care Of Atlus And GungHo

    République, the episodic stealth game from Ryan Payton, the producer on Metal Gear Solid IV, is heading into a box and releasing for PlayStation 4. Atlus, known predominantly for the Persona series and other obscure niche RPGs, is partnering with GungHo, known predominantly for Puzzles & Dragons... More
  • Blog Post: We Won't Spoil The Punchline By Describing This Fallout 4 Video In The Headline

    It's not a bug, glitch, or even a mod, but a new Fallout 4 video making the rounds online is worth a watch. It's only 10 seconds long and comes from dagnabbitk's YouTube channel . It stars Cait, and that's all I am willing to tell you. Enjoy! [Source: dagnabbitk on YouTube , via Reddit... More
  • Blog Post: Darkest Dungeon Coming To PS4 & Vita This Spring

    Glory and riches are the goals of all dungeon hunters, but in Darkest Dungeon, madness, other maladies, and death challenge any who dare enter. Now, explorers on PlayStation 4 and Vita will be able to take up developer Red Hook Studio's formidable challenge. The game is scheduled to hit the systems... More
  • Blog Post: Fallout 4 Myths Put To The Test In New YouTube Video

    The entire gaming community seems to be diving into Fallout 4 right now (well okay, not everyone ), and sites are enamored with tips , secrets , and boring observations . With all the talk going on, some rumors are bound to arise. Thankfully, YouTube user DefendTheHouse is more than happy to put another... More
  • Blog Post: Sony Senior Product Manager Derides UK Rise Of The Tomb Raider Sales

    By all accounts, last week was a great one for gaming. Fallout 4, Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void, and Rise of the Tomb Raider all delivered significant critical acclaim and fan praise. For one Sony executive, that isn’t enough. Chris Brown, a senior product manager at Sony working on Horizon... More
  • Blog Post: Sony Responds To Accusations That PS4 Is Communication Tool For Terrorism

    Last week, days before a horrific terrorist attack in Paris that shook the world, Belgium’s deputy prime minister Jan Jambon raised concerns about PlayStation Network. Specifically, Jambon (who also serves as the country’s minister of Security and Home Affairs) identified intense encryption... More
  • Blog Post: Super Star Wars Arrives On PlayStation 4 And Vita On Tuesday

    A re-release of the classic Super Nintendo platformer, Super Star Wars, is coming to PlayStation 4 and Vita this week. The game originall released on Super Nintendo in 1992 and on the Wii Virtual Console in 2009. The PlayStation 4 and Vita versions will be available on Tuesday November 17. Updates to... More
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