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  • Blog Post: Google Monkey Balls Around With World Wide Maze

    Google is full of nerds and dorks, but that's good news for the rest of us. The company's latest Chrome experiment turns any website into a game of Marble Madness. World Wide Maze turns virtually any website into a Super Monkey Ball-like maze that players can then navigate with their smartphone... More
  • Blog Post: Twisted Metal Careens Into 2012

    We here at Game Informer are very impressed with Twisted Metal. Unfortunately, the game is slipping from its previously scheduled October release into 2012. However, the reason for the delay is a good one – creator David Jaffe wants the new car combat title to blow your mind. "If we shipped... More
  • Blog Post: Jaffe Laments “Backstabbing And Bulls---" In Workplace

    The refreshingly candid David Jaffe, creator of Twisted Metal and founder of Eat, Sleep, Play, has stated in the past that some people at Sony don’t “get” the classic car combat series. Today on Twitter the bold developer decried the “backstabbing and bulls---" at the workplace... More
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