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  • Blog Post: Snuggle Up With This Mega Man Mega Buster Pillow

    That Mega Man mega buster arm cannon pillow that you've been dreaming about, can finally rest under your head while you dream about it. Or at least it will soon. Capcom is taking pre-orders for the plush arm cannon pillow and matching helmet right now on its Japanese site . It will cost ¥6,090... More
  • Blog Post: Everyone Needs A Talking King Of All Cosmos Pillow

    Who wouldn't want to snuggle up to a King of All Cosmos pillow that speaks to them? Etsy seller Katy, of Penguinotic, has a history of making high quality plushies and other related snuggly goods. This talking pillow is modeled after the Katamari series' creepy King of All Cosmos, who speaks... More
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