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  • Blog Post: The Witcher 3 Patched On PC, Console Patches Coming Soon

    The Witcher 3 has received a substantial patch on PC that fixes and cleans up a number of issues. It offers overall stability improvements, better hair and foliage, blood particles will now appear properly when killing enemies in the water, and you can no longer shoot bolts at friendly NPCs. There are... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] Bungie Says Patch 1.2.0 Could Be Released Friday Morning

    Update: Bungie has provided an update on the delay related to activation of update 1.2.0. The news is good, especially with the House of Wolves expansion just days away. "Currently, all signs point to tomorrow (Friday) morning (Bungie time)," writes community manager David "Deej"... More
  • Blog Post: Bloodborne Patch Now Available, Cuts Down Load Times

    If there's one thing that's hard to ignore about Bloodborne, it's those pesky load times when you warp or die. From Software has heard fans' pleas and finally released patch 1.03 to improve the matter. From Software said it was working on a fix to hit this month, and now it's here... More
  • Blog Post: Destiny’s 1.1.2 Patch Is A Chunky 6 GB

    First, the good news. The litany of improvements Bungie has been promising for Destiny are arriving now. The bad news? If you don’t have your console set to auto-download updates, you might not be playing tonight. The latest patch, which adds more vault space, colorblind correction modes, raid... More
  • Blog Post: Bloodborne Sales Hit 1 Million, Load Time Patch On Track For This Month

    They say things come in threes. Bloodborne is the third game to celebrate a 1 million copy milestone today. Sony has announced the titles sales have crossed that threshold. From Software is also delivering more news about the next patch (1.03). While this isn’t intended to be in celebration of... More
  • Blog Post: Bungie Adding ‘Locks’ To Destiny Armory To Prevent Accidental Gear Deletion

    In this week’s Destiny update, Bungie revealed some more changes coming in the 1.1.2 patch. Unfortunately, all we know about timing is that it will arrive before the House of Wolves expansion. Bungie is giving users an extra layer of protection for their weapons and armor. When the patch arrives... More
  • Blog Post: Blizzard Releases Patch 2.2 For Diablo III: Reaper of Souls On PC and Consoles

    Diablo III finally made it to the current generation with the release of the Ultimate Evil Edition last year, and today it’s getting a patch alongside its PC counterpart. The biggest highlight of the patch is the addition of new sets and Legendary items, which can add hours of adventuring for dedicated... More
  • Blog Post: Grand Theft Auto V Update Fixes Degraded Visuals Caused By Last Patch

    Grand Theft Auto V players on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will be happy to know that a new patch is available right now. The previous update, 1.08, caused some visual degradation . That has now been repaired. At the end of March, Rockstar confirmed that the update was negatively impacting some of the... More
  • Blog Post: H1Z1 Gets Big Damn Patch

    We’re not being hyperbolic, the update is actually called the Big Damn Patch, and it’s bringing H1Z1 players a slew of bug fixes and new features. The H1Z1 update includes a new male character model that was made specifically for H1Z1's upcoming wearable system, which allows players to... More
  • Blog Post: Bungie Details How Much More Vault Space Next Destiny Update Will Bring (And When)

    The next Destiny update isn’t too far off. Bungie said today that we should expect 1.1.2 (and all its improvements ) to arrive some time in April. That’s an important benchmark, because House of Wolves (the next expansion) won’t arrive until after. Bungie will be addressing one of the... More
  • Blog Post: PlayStation 4 Finally Getting Promised Suspend/Resume Feature Tomorrow

    Sony has announced that PlayStation 4 firmware update 2.5 (codenamed “Yukimura”), will arrive tomorrow, March 26. The update includes a number of anticipated features, chief among them the long awaited “suspend/resume.” Suspend/resume allows players to pick up exactly where they... More
  • Blog Post: From Software ‘Exploring’ Patch To Improve Bloodborne Load Times

    If you’ve been playing Bloodborne since its midnight launch this morning, you may have noticed that load times aren’t quite ideal. Sony and developer From Software are aware and have addressed the matter. In a statement provided to Game Informer , there’s hope that the load times might... More
  • Blog Post: Colorblindness Correction Modes Coming To Destiny In Update 1.1.2

    Those of us who can see the full spectrum of colors might not realize how important that is to our gaming experience. Think about how often you differentiate pickups by their hue and then remember that a portion of the population doesn’t see color like you and I do. In Destiny, color matters in... More
  • Blog Post: The Elder Scrolls Online Update 6 Lets You Be Bad, Extends Endgame

    Update 6 for The Elder Scrolls Online is live on servers now, and bound to increase the crime rate in Tamriel. One of the most loved elements of The Elder Scrolls series is the ability to do almost anything – including stuff like filling a house with severed heads and bodies . Those who value being... More
  • Blog Post: Bungie Weekly Update Teases One More Update Before Next Expansion

    Bungie's next Destiny expansion is only a few months away, but the company is already promising that fans will have one more smaller update to look forward to before that. Last week's patch 1.1.1 gave Destiny fans a lot of great little improvement such as fixing the long-standing heavy ammo bug... More
  • Blog Post: Dragon Age: Inquisition Updated, Party Storage Now Available

    If you load up Dragon Age: Inquisition today, you’ll find some tweaks and fixes. Patch 5 (version 1.06) is available now, and it also includes something players have been asking for since launch. The biggest addition in the latest update is the inclusion of party storage. You can dump your extra... More
  • Blog Post: Evolve Patch Fixes Data Loss On Xbox One

    Evolve has received a new patch to fix some of the problems with the Xbox One version. If you’ve been experiencing data loss, the update will take care of that for you. 2K says that the progress loss bug was experienced by a “small percentage” of Evolve players. The publisher says it... More
  • Blog Post: PSA: Destiny Patch Is Live, Introduces Bug That Impacts Vex Mythoclast Exotic

    Update: The Destiny update is live and your heavy ammo is now safe between cutscenes and respawns. Unfortunately, the patch notes include a brand new bug. This is not a joke. The Vex Mythoclast now spawns with less ammo than it should in PvP. Apparently, this is because it's a fusion rifle (normally... More
  • Blog Post: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Patch Adds Gold Saucer Events And Mini-Games

    Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is adding new events, mini-games, and items via its 2.51 patch. The biggest change for Final Fantasy fans is the inclusion of the Manderville Gold Saucer. Based on the Gold Saucer amusement park from Final Fantasy VII, the new area houses many of... More
  • Blog Post: Destiny’s Weekly Heroic Strikes Will Soon Feature Mandatory Matchmaking

    Each week, Destiny features a more difficult version of one of the game’s strikes. Why would you subject yourself to that? For one of the most important currencies in the game of course: strange coins. On Fridays, we post a list of what the wandering merchant Xur has to offer. For most items, he... More
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