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  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: Do You Still Have An Ouya?

    Yesterday, we posted a video where we played our Ouya for the first time in a long time. Do you own an Ouya? Do you still play it? The console received some love in 2013 when TowerFall was a true exclusive, but after that, the device has more or less been languishing on a forgotten shelf in a hard-to... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] Razer Details How Developers Can Get Owed Ouya Funds

    Update - 8:26 p.m. Central on July 28: Razer has provided information to Game Informer detailing how it will handle the outstading $620,000 of Free the Games funds owed to developers. While there are stipulations, Razer is working to find a solution that is both equitable to developers and the company... More
  • Blog Post: Ouya Founder Julie Uhrman Exits As Razer Completes Buyout

    In June, news quietly emerged that Razer had struck a deal to acquire some assets of Android microconsole company Ouya. The arrangements are final, and Ouya founder Julie Uhrman has confirmed her departure this morning. Razer issued a statement indicating that it will not be continuing Ouya hardware... More
  • Blog Post: Report: Ouya Looking To Sell Quickly To Pay Off Mounting Debt

    According to an email allegedly sent by Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman this month, the company responsible for the eponymous microconsole needs to find a buyer quickly. Ouya originally raised $8.6 million via Kickstarter within July and August 2012. Today’s news comes via a report from Fortune , which says... More
  • Blog Post: Psychological Horror Title Neverending Nightmares Has A Release Date

    The psychological horror indie title has a firm release date for PC (via Steam) and Ouya. Neverending Nightmares launches September 26. In the game, players explore a visually striking environment where it's never clear what's real and what's all in your mind. You can check out the latest... More
  • Blog Post: Towerfall Ascension Now Available For Mac And Linux

    Towerfall Ascension released on PlayStation 4 and PC in March following its short period of Ouya exclusivity, and now it's available on Mac and Linux machines. You can head here to grab the game for Mac or Linux, which is currently on sale. Usually the game sells for $14.99, but it is currently available... More
  • Blog Post: Ouya’s Failure Exemplified By Miserable Sales Of 'Best Sellers'

    Towerfall, a game that has reignited a love of local multiplayer, is a favorite in offices ( including ours ) and has homes on three different platforms now. Matt Thorson’s master class in ending friendships began its life on the Ouya, where it is the best-selling title. “Best selling”... More
  • Blog Post: Ouya Everywhere Partners With Mad Catz's MOJO Microconsole

    Just when you thought Ouya's business strategy couldn't get any more confusing. Today, Ouya announced that it will be partnering with Mad Catz and its MOJO Android-powered microconsole. This deal is part of Ouya's new "Ouya Everywhere" program which will bring Ouya games to other... More
  • Blog Post: Portal Designer's Soul Fjord Comes To Ouya This Month

    Airtight Games, the developer behind Quantum Conundrum and home to Kim Swift, lead designer on the original Portal, has announced a release date for its Ouya exclusive rhythm combat game, Soul Fjord. The game will be available exclusively for the Ouya on January 28. If you're unfamiliar with the... More
  • Blog Post: Ouya On Sale For $59

    Update : Unfortunately, this deal has now expired. [Original Story] A new coupon code allows you to pick-up the Kickstarter-funded Android console for a bargain price. Ouya was already positioned as a low-cost alternative to the current consoles on the market, and now its price just dropped. To commemorate... More
  • Blog Post: Towerfall Targeting January For PC Launch

    Towerfall is currently an Ouya exclusive, but the game's creator, Matt Thorson, is hoping to release the PC version of the game at the beginning of next year. Thorson revealed his January intentions while speaking with Shacknews , where he also revealed that he's working on adding two new archers... More
  • Blog Post: Ouya Changes The Terms Of Its Free The Games Fund

    Ouya's Julie Uhrman delivered a message earlier today on the console's official blog detailing some changes coming to the Free the Games Fund , which offers additional funding to Kickstarter games in exchange for temporary Ouya exclusivity. Uhrman also posted a video, which you can see below... More
  • Blog Post: Watch Nvidia's Shield Explode Across A Picnic Table

    Nvidia's Shield, the Android-based portable gaming system designed to compete with systems like the Ouya, has been out for over a month now, but if you still don't know what to do with it you could blow it up. The Nvidia Shield costs $299, which makes it an expensive bottle rocket, but if you... More
  • Blog Post: GameStick Android Console Shipping in September

    The GameStick, a Kickstarter-funded Android console similar to the Ouya, will hit retail in September. The GameStick raised over $647,658 on Kickstarter (well over its original goal of $100,00). Its big selling point is its price ($79) and its size, which makes even the diminutive Ouya look like a beast... More
  • Blog Post: Amazon Developing Android Console

    Sources have approached Game Informer with an interesting bit of news from one of the world's largest retailers. Amazon is developing an Android based console for release by the end of this year, most likely by Black Friday. According to those we spoke with who have knowledge of the in-development... More
  • Blog Post: Ouya Offering Store Credit To Dissatisfied Customers

    Ouya has had some issues since its launch. Some backers who were promised early consoles didn't receive their devices until post-launch. Other received incomplete packages, or no response when reaching out to customer service. Ouya has heard the complaints, and founder Julie Uhrman is offering store... More
  • Blog Post: Most Ouya Owners Aren't Buying Games

    In a new interview, Ouya head Julie Uhrman revealed numbers that confirmed the reports that – so far – Ouya owners aren't inclined to pay for games. In an interview with The Verge , Uhrman said that "Monetization on Ouya is so far better than we expected. It takes time to build what... More
  • Blog Post: Towerfall Creator Bringing The Game To PC, In Talks With Sony, Microsoft, And Nintendo

    Towerfall is the first Ouya success story, but game creator Matt Thorson hopes to get it into the hands of as many people as possible, starting with a PC release. In an interview with Polygon , Thorson talked about bringing the game to PC, and the game's success as been a pleasant surprise. Yes,... More
  • Blog Post: Ouya Reveals Warchest To Woo Kickstarter Projects

    Today, Ouya announced a new Kickstarter matching program that will help support development projects. The company is offering a pool of $1 million that will be used to match successful crowdsourcing campaigns in amounts ranging from $50,000 to $250,000. There are strings attached, of course. Participating... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: Which Successfully Funded Kickstarter Are You Most Excited About?

    Some of the high-profile gaming-oriented Kickstarter projects are on the horizon. Which one are you desperately waiting for? In the last few years, Kickstarter has become a big part of the gaming industry, as numerous developers look to their fans to fund projects instead of a traditional publisher model... More
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