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  • Blog Post: Praise These Heavenly Okami Cakes

    This adorable cake version of Okami's heroine Amaterasu is the work of artist Gina Rouchy, who is both a talented baker and an amazing mom. Because her daughter is such a huge fan of Okami, Rouchy made this cake for her birthday. For her daughter's twenty-first birthday, Rouchy created an even... More
  • Blog Post: Okami Was At The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time

    Many DS owners are excited to get their hands on Okamiden, the sequel to a game that first released in 2006. While the original Okami was a great game, it didn't meet with the success that Capcom had hoped for on PS2, and a producer at the company has shared his thoughts about what went wrong. "I... More
  • Blog Post: The Most Anticipated Portable Games Of 2011

    Nintendo's 3DS is far and away where most of the portable excitement is building in the coming year. But that doesn't mean PSP and DS developers are holding back. Check out what you'll most likely be playing on the go in 2011. DS Kingdom Hearts Re:coded (January 11) This upgraded port of... More
  • Blog Post: Okamiden Set To Launch March 15

    Capcom announced today that their pint-sized Okami adventure will launch at retail nationwide on March 15. Additionally, they detailed a limited run pre-order incentive with GameStop that gifts players a stylus shaped like a paintbrush and a screen cleaner featuring game art of the wolf puppy Chibiterasu... More
  • Blog Post: Live In NYC? Find This Poster And Win A Okamiden Plushie!

    Want to win the adorable Okamiden plushie pictured above? If you live in New York City, tonight is your night. Starting "late tonight", the "lost wolf' poster pictured below is hanging somewhere on the streets of the Big Apple. The first three people that find it, take a picture of... More
  • Blog Post: Check Out These Ink-Soaked Okamiden Screens And Trailer

    Capcom has released a new swath of celestial puppy-themed content to curb our appetite as we patiently await Okamiden's 2011 release, This Nintendo DS is looking real good, sporting some of the best graphics on the system and gameplay that fully utilizes the touchscreen. Check out the screenshots... More
  • Blog Post: Amaterasu’s Heir: New Okamiden Details Unveiled

    We had a chance to check out an all-new demo of Okamiden at TGS, revealing a few interesting details about the pending title. The build starts out in a familiar location – Agata Forest. The land has become cursed and flooded by an unknown source. It is up to Chibiterasu to solve the mystery. Given... More
  • Blog Post: Okamiden's Brush Paints the DS In This TGS Trailer

    Capcom released the latest trailer for Okamiden at Tokyo Game Show, so take a look at the beautifully painted action from a franchise you may have missed on the PS2 or Wii. More
  • Blog Post: Okamiden SDCC Trailer

    Capcom sends this trailer for the cutest little mini-god dog action/platforming DS game ever. Who's a good little avatar of life and growth? Who's a good pup? Yes you are, you little scamp Chibiterasu you. Yes you are. More
  • Blog Post: Fan-Made Okami Statues Win Awards At Anime Expo

    I keep reading about tests being conducted to see if video games make people violent. The steady stream of video game-inspired artwork makes me believe we should be testing people to see if video games make them more creative. One of my favorite web stops each day, Tomopop , is reporting that community... More
  • Blog Post: Okamiden Producer Wants An Okami Title On 3DS

    The announcement of the 3DS not only has gamers excited, but it got game makers thinking about the future of their franchises. Motohide Eshiro, producer of Okamiden for the original DS, is one such person. “Okamiden is a regular DS game, but the world and design of Okamiden would be well suited... More
  • Blog Post: Chibiterasu Steals Hearts With New Okamiden Trailers

    Okami’s original protagonist, Amaterasu, is as cute as legendary wolf gods get. However, Ammy doesn’t hold a candle to her next of kin, Chibiterasu. Okamiden features the descendants of the original Okami’s cast, resulting in the same awesome gameplay and a decidedly cuter crew. See... More
  • Blog Post: Capcom Sneakily Trademarks Okamiden, Ghost Trick In North America

    Last Friday, Capcom filed U.S. trademarks for upcoming DS titles Okamiden and Ghost Trick. Until now, these games had only been announced for Japan. While this isn't an official U.S. announcement yet, it's certainly looking more likely now. Unveiled at last year's Tokyo Game Show, both titles... More
  • Blog Post: Two Okamiden DS Trailers Now Available

    When I hear someone say "Chibiterasu", I think of a tasty desert...a pie made of dog meat. Strange? Yes. Tasty? Absolutely. And in case you are wondering where this is going, Chibiterasu is not a desert. This young pup (pictured above) is Chibiterasu, Okamiden's protagonist, and the son... More
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