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  • Blog Post: Man Plays Video Games While Skydiving From 10,000 Feet

    Looking for some new thrills? Try snapping together a living room, shoving it out of the plane, and playing some games before you hit the ground. If you think this is a good idea, you're probably one of Nvidia's crazy marketing people. Sure this ad for Nvidia newest Shield Android console is... More
  • Blog Post: Nvidia Announces New Shield Microconsole

    Several Android consoles have come and gone, but that hasn't stopped companies eager to enter the battle for the living room from making them. The latest comes from the graphics experts at Nvidia. Powered by the Tegra X1, Nvidia says the new Shield microconsole can stream 4K decoded video at 60Hz... More
  • Blog Post: Nvidia Doubles Down On Mobile Gaming With Shield Tablet

    Last year Nvidia kicked off its mobile gaming initiative by introducing the Shield, a handheld gaming console sporting a flip-up display built right onto the controller. Little did we know this was just the opening salvo in the company's assault on established mobile gaming platforms. Today Nvidia... More
  • Blog Post: Square Enix And NVIDIA Team Up For Final Fantasy XIV

    Square Enix and NVIDIA are teaming up to let PC gamers upgrade their PC graphics card and experience Final Fantasy XIV's Eorzea at the same time. Limited GeForce 650-class bundles are coming included with Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (via digital download) as well as a 30-day free trial for... More
  • Blog Post: Nvidia Drops Price On Some Video Cards, Enables TV Streaming For Shield

    Nvidia has announced price drops on some of its video cards starting tomorrow. The lower costs are a result of the upcoming GTX 780 Ti joining the manufacturer’s product line on November 7, 2013. The GTX 780 Ti will enter the market at a suggested retail price of $699. This bumps the GTX 780 down... More
  • Blog Post: Nvidia Offers Free Games With Purchase Of Select Video Cards

    Nvidia is currently hosting a major event in Montreal, at which they revealed holiday deals offering free games and discounts on the Shield handheld. All you need to do is purchase one of the company's video cards. If you purchase a GeForce GTX 660 or 760, you'll get Assassin's Creed IV:... More
  • Blog Post: Call of Duty: Ghosts System Requirements Revealed By Nvidia

    Earlier today, Call of Duty: Ghosts executive producer Mark Rubin announced that dedicated servers are coming to a variety of platforms, including PC. Now we know just what kind of machine you'll need to take advantage of that multiplayer feature. The minimum spec calls 50 GB of hard drive space... More
  • Blog Post: Nvidia Drops Prices On Some GeForce GTX Video Cards

    Nvidia announced that it is lowering the price of three video card models starting today. Prices should be reflected at retailers soon. The GeForce GTX Ti Boost 1GB now costs $129. The 2GB version of that same card is $149. The GTX 660 drops to $179. The next two more powerful models, the GTX 760 and... More
  • Blog Post: Watch Nvidia's Shield Explode Across A Picnic Table

    Nvidia's Shield, the Android-based portable gaming system designed to compete with systems like the Ouya, has been out for over a month now, but if you still don't know what to do with it you could blow it up. The Nvidia Shield costs $299, which makes it an expensive bottle rocket, but if you... More
  • Blog Post: Nvidia PC Purchasers Get Free Free-To-Play Currency

    Consumers who purchase certain Geforce computers will get currency for free-to-play titles Warframe, Neverwinter, and Marvel Heroes. To get the deal, you have to purchase a Geforce GTX 650 or a 700M notebook with a Geforce GTX GPU from Nvidia. You can head here to learn more about it, or offer up your... More
  • Blog Post: Nvidia Reveals Possibility Of GTA V PC During Earnings Call

    The tech giant may have tipped Rockstar's hand in a recent conference call to investors. During the call, Nvidia's senior director of investor relations Chris Evendon touted the strength of PC as a gaming market, saying "Gamers are preparing their systems for a strong roster of games coming... More
  • Blog Post: Epic & NVIDIA Bring Unreal Engine 4 To Mobile

    At the SIGGRAPH tech conference, Epic Games showed off its Unreal Engine 4 on NVIDIA's next-generation Logan mobile GPU. The Logan processor features Kepler GPU architecture that's featured in PCs today, and which Epic has used for its previous Unreal Engine 4 demos like the Infiltrator one shown... More
  • Blog Post: Nvidia Shield Gets A New Release Date

    The Nvidia shield, the hand-held current-gen console, experienced some good news and some bad news in June. Shortly after the announcement of a price drop from $349.99 to $299.99, the device was delayed to an indeterminate date in July. Nvidia has finally revealed what that indeterminate release date... More
  • Blog Post: Nvidia Drops Price Of Shield, Launch Date Confirmed

    Nvidia has responded to consumer concerns over the price of its Android-based handheld, dropping the price this morning. Additionally, the company has announced that it will start shipping the units next week. When we reported last month that Nvidia was coming to market with its Tegra 4-powered handheld... More
  • Blog Post: Nvidia Shield Available For Pre-Orders Starting May 20

    Nvidia has dropped the word "project" from the name of its Tegra 4-powered Android handheld, announcing that pre-orders for the device will begin in less than week. The price is just a little higher than we were expecting, though. The Shield will cost interested gamers $349. Nvidia should be... More
  • Blog Post: A New Way To Render Water In Games

    Two researchers at graphics chipset manufacturer Nvidia have released video of a new method of simulating fluids. You’ve never seen dynamic water like this. These two videos demonstrate the concepts behind a paper to be presented at SIGGRAPH (a development conference for the technical aspects of... More
  • Blog Post: Hands On With Nvidia Project Shield

    It’s not hard to get excited by Project Shield’s feature set, but I have to wonder who the system will be marketed towards. If you’re not familiar with Nvidia’s Project Shield, it’s an Android-driven mobile device that comes attached to a controller. Nvidia hopes it will... More
  • Blog Post: World’s Most Powerful Gaming GPU Costs $999

    Next week NVIDIA releases the GeForce GTX Titan. The new graphics card is more powerful than any NVIDIA hardware before it. Despite being far more powerful, it is designed with the same cooling system as its predecessor, the GTX 690, and a sports a polycarbonate window. The Titan has 6GB of GDDR5 memory... More
  • Blog Post: See Dead on Arrival 2 In Action On Nvidia's Project Shield Handheld

    Nvidia's Project Shield hopes to bring a handheld console experience to the Android marketplace. In the company's latest video, you can see how NV3 Games' Dead on Arrival 2 has been enhanced to take advantage of Project Shield's powerful Tegra 4 processor. NV3, with help from Nvidia,... More
  • Blog Post: Nvidia's Latest Project Shield Demo Shows PC Streaming

    Nvidia's upcoming device, Project Shield, isn't coming out until the second quarter of the year, but the company is filling the time with a series of product demos. The latest video clip shows how PC owners will be able to stream their games onto the handheld. About half of the video is spent... More
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