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  • Blog Post: Disney Torpedoes Tiny Death Star Without Alerting Developer Nimblebit In Advance

    Disney has removed two Star Wars titles from the Apple and Google storefronts after both were in service for less than a year. Both Tiny Death Star (a partnership with Nimblebit) and Star Wars Assault Team are no longer available. Tiny Death Star was introduced in November 2013 (eleven months ago) and... More
  • Blog Post: NimbleBit’s Tiny Death Star Available Now

    Building on the success of Tiny Tower and Tiny Planes, Nimblebit has teamed up with LucasArts and Disney to create the adorable sim game, Tiny Death Star. The title is free and it’s available now. Tiny Death Star puts players in charge of building their own massive battle station with floors named... More
  • Blog Post: NimbleBit And Disney Announce Tiny Death Star

    NimbleBit has made a name for itself with free-to-play mobile games, including Tiny Tower, Pocket Planes, and Nimble Quest. Now, the developer is partnering with Disney to bring its adorable pixel-infused aesthetic to one of the greatest sci-fi properties, Star Wars. Tiny Death Star will allow players... More
  • Blog Post: Zynga CEO Addresses Copycat Claims

    Zynga has been under fire for copying others' games, and in the wake of recent allegations by Tiny Tower developer NimbleBit and others, Zynga CEO Mark Pincus has talked about the issue. GamesBeat has a Zynga memo from Pincus to his employees where he frames the situation in a slightly different... More
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