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  • Blog Post: Star Trek's New TV Show Gets A Showrunner

    A showrunner for the upcoming Star Trek TV series has been selected, and he has roots in past Star Trek TV shows, and shows like Pushing Daisies and Hannibal . Bryan Fuller has been named the new Star Trek TV show's co-creator and will also have a credit as an executive producer. Along with the shows... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: Walkthrough Or No Walkthrough?

    I'm not above using walkthroughs when the situation is dire, but most of time I adamantly avoid them. How about you? The Witness , a game I have been playing a lot since release, is one I have been vehemently avoiding using a walkthrough for. Even talking about puzzles in the office has become a... More
  • Blog Post: Tetsuya Mizuguchi's New RPG Puzzle Game Coming To North America

    Today GameSamba announced it will be bringing the latest game from Rez and Lumines producer Tetsuya Mizuguchi to the U.S. Announced for Japanese audiences back in 2014, Eighteen is described as an RPG puzzle game for Android and iOS devices. While Eighteen appears to be some variation on the ever-popular... More
  • Blog Post: Rocket League Launching On Xbox One On February 17

    Psyonix Studios' vehicular take on soccer is finally coming to Xbox One, and the developer has outlined what fans can expect from the package. Rocket League became an overnight sensation when it launched last July on PlayStation 4 and PC, as players learned the joy of explosive goals and rocket-assisted... More
  • Blog Post: Mad Catz Losses Jump, 37 Percent Of Staff To Be Laid Off On Weak Rock Band Hardware Sales

    Mad Catz had been turning around its financial profile, improving on years of net losses. Reporting on the first nine months of the current fiscal year though, shortfall jumped by 439 percent. This news follows sudden, drastic staffing changes yesterday and newly reported layoffs totaling 37 percent... More
  • Blog Post: Gigantic Developer Motiga Suffers ‘Significant, Temporary Layoffs’ That Will Impact Game Progress

    There's bad news out of Gigantic developer Motiga this afternoon. The developer has announced “significant, temporary layoffs” impacting all departments. Motiga CEO Chris Chung says the company had no choice but to make the decision. “Our financial situation is such that we are... More
  • Blog Post: PlayStation 1’s Final Fantasy IX Arrives On iOS, Android

    The last of the PlayStation 1 main-series Final Fantasy games is now available on new platforms. The surprise release of Final Fantasy IX brings the game to both iOS and Android. The game carries standard Square Enix mobile Final Fantasy pricing, at $16.99. It’s available for 20 percent off ($13... More
  • Blog Post: Oculus Rift Plus PC Bundle Pre-Orders Open February 16, Start At $1,549

    Oculus has announced that seven different Rift-ready PCs will be available to pre-order beginning next week. The bundle prices start at $949, without the accompanying VR display. Dell, Alienware, and Asus will each be offering at least one model. The least expensive is the Asus G11CD, with an i5-6400... More
  • Blog Post: Investigate A Cult In This Dying Light: The Following Launch Trailer

    To celebrate today’s launch of Dying Light: The Following, developer Techland released a new trailer for the DLC. The teaser hints at the sinister nature of The Following's cult-centered storyline. Dying Light: The Following takes on a different tone than the main game, according to producer... More
  • Blog Post: Twisted Pixel Co-Founder Michael Wilford Departs Studio

    Michael Wilford, CEO and co-founder of Twisted Pixel, has departed the studio. He made the announcement on Twitter today, sharing that he will “focus on fatherhood a while then find new adventures.” Twisted Pixel was founded in 2006, and opted to give up its independence in 2011. The studio... More
  • Blog Post: Konami Outlines Details On Paid Metal Gear Online DLC

    Late last month , Konami revealed that some new DLC would be making its way to Metal Gear Online in March. Today, the publisher has providing additional information on the Cloaked in Silence pack, which includes three maps and Quiet as a playable character. You'll also be able to add some additional... More
  • Blog Post: Former BioWare Scribe David Gaider Joins Beamdog As Creative Director

    In January, David Gaider surprised Dragon Age fans by announcing his departure from BioWare. Today, we know that he hasn’t gone far. Gaider announced that he has joined Beamdog as creative director. The company has released updated PC and mobile versions of both Balder’s Gate games. Gaider... More
  • Blog Post: ‘Vault 81 Residents Would Not Dismember Correctly’ And Other Fallout 4 Patch 1.3 Notes

    Fallout 4 has a new patch for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users. Among other things, it increases the object fading distance (see below). This creates a more complete landscape that reduces the noticeable pop-in effect of items that are farther away. The 1.3 update also fixes a number of mission-related... More
  • Blog Post: Amazon Announces Free Game Engine For Consoles, PC, Mobile

    Amazon’s game initiative has expanded from end-user products to engines. The company announced and released today two new tools for game developers, including cloud-driven multiplayer server support. The Lumberyard engine is a free 3D game engine that is compatible with PC, game consoles, mobile... More
  • Blog Post: Pokémon's First Movie Mewtwo Strikes Back Is Currently Streamable Online For Free

    Pokémon's online TV service, which houses much of the TV show, is currently streaming the original Pokémon movie. Experience the epic adventure, again! Pokémon: The First Movie is playing on #PokemonTV : https://t.co/QJByU1fKYo pic.twitter.com/eboGNfDdkj — Pokémon... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: What Got You Into Pokémon?

    The Pokémon brand turns 20 years old this month. While that makes me feel extremely old (I'm feeling super nostalgic just looking at the Red and Blue boxarts), that also made me realize that in those 20 years, there have been a ton of potential points of entry for fans of the series. For me... More
  • Blog Post: PSA: Destiny's Crimson Days Event Begins Tomorrow

    If you simply can't wait until tomorrow to see what the world of Destiny looks like adorned in red, you can take a look at these images. The event, which you can read about in more detail here , casts the world of Destiny in red (because Valentine's day is soon) and will introduce a two-versus... More
  • Blog Post: All Of Your Amiibos Will Have Use In Pokken Tournament

    The upcoming Pokémon fighting game, Pokken Fighter, has something special in store for Amiibo hunters. The game is going to put your entire collection to use. No, you won’t get to pit Tom Nook against Pikachu. There is another fighting game for that kind of matchup. Instead, Amiibos will... More
  • Blog Post: GOG Adds Adventure Mystery Kôna: Day One To ‘Games In Development’ Roster Tomorrow

    In January, we reported that GOG has gotten into the Early Access game . Unlike Steam’s approach though, GOG is curating the games it will offer for sale in pre-release date. The storefront will add a sixth game to its list tomorrow. Kôna: Day One is an adventure game steeped in mystery.... More
  • Blog Post: Rock Band 4 Co-Publisher Mad Catz Sees CEO And Board Chairman Depart One Day Before Earnings Report

    Mad Catz will be announcing its third quarter earnings for the current fiscal year tomorrow. Today, the company has announced the departure of its CEO and Chairman. Thomas Brown has resigned as Chairman and will be replaced by John Nyholt. Nyholt has been a member of the Board of Directors since October... More
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