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  • Blog Post: Bandai Namco Raids Its Vaults In HD Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga, Dig Dug Ports

    Bandai Namco is releasing new HD versions of Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga, and Dig Dug next week, in case you're on a mission to have these games on absolutely every gaming device that you own. The updates include HD bezel art, leaderboard and trophies, and the same gameplay you experienced decades... More
  • Blog Post: Ms. Pac-Man Going Under The Microscope At GDC

    Ms. Pac-Man was the wildly popular sequel to an early arcade sensation, and it's the subject of a postmortem talk at next year's GDC. The game didn't start as an officially sanctioned sequel. It began as an add-on kit for arcade operators looking to extend the lifespan of their Pac-Man arcade... More
  • Blog Post: Pac-Man Gets 35th Birthday Bash In Illinois This Month

    One of gaming's most beloved characters is turning 35 this month, and Namco is marking the occasion with an official birthday bash later this month. Level 257, Namco's recently opened dining and entertainment venue inspired by Pac-Man and his generation of arcade games will play host to the event... More
  • Blog Post: J.J. Abrams Says He Beamed Away From Star Trek Game

    Namco Bandai's Star Trek game was a dud , and you can count Star Trek: Into Darkness ' director J.J. Abrams among the ranks of the disappointed. When Namco announced the game, which was developed by Digital Extremes, the publisher boasted that it was being created under close supervision from... More
  • Blog Post: Tank! Tank! Tank! Salesmen Trailer Is Really Dumb

    We're warning you, this trailer for Namco's upcoming Wii U party game is ridiculous. Get ready for some terrible tank puns. Why are you doing this to yourself? There are better things to do on the internet than watch this video. Well, you might as well read our impressions of Tank! Tank! Tank... More
  • Blog Post: Pac-Man Survey Points To New Art Direction

    A survey recently appeared on Pac-Man's Facebook page asking fans pick a new art direction for the renowned franchise. I'm partial to the D option myself. We're not sure what the yellow man with a mouth that takes up three-quarters of his face is up to, but he is one of video games' most... More
  • Blog Post: Namco Announces Release Dates For One Piece: Pirate Warriors And Thundercats

    If you're a fan of these classic cartoons/anime series then you'll want to mark these days on your calendar. If you're not, then you're probably asking yourself, "What game is this?" One Piece: Pirate Warriors is based on the popular (we'll give them the benefit of a doubt... More
  • Blog Post: Touch My Katamari Getting Awesome-Looking Pac-Man DLC

    The PlayStation Vita debut of Katamari Damacy is about to receive an update featuring a classic Namco character. Andriasang reports that a Pac-Man mission will be coming to Touch My Katamari as downloadable content. There's no info on pricing or if the content will be coming to North America for... More
  • Blog Post: 3D Tekken Movie Coming Out This Summer

    Video games have always made for Academy Award-caliber feature-length films, especially the fighting genre. After seminal pieces of cinema like Street Fighter: The Movie, Mortal Kombat Annihilation, and that Chun-Li thing, fans of high art have been clamoring for another movie based on a fighting game... More
  • Blog Post: Publishers Talk Video Game Preservation

    Like a record company locking away old master tracks or a movie studio archiving reels of film, the video game companies are tasked with the important duty of preserving their rich history. The process is not as simple as storing shoe box filled with cartridges under your bed, however. Sony, Nintendo... More
  • Blog Post: Meet The People Behind Ace Combat: Assault Horizon's Missiles

    Ace Combat: Assault Horizon is undoubtedly a sharp-looking game, but all we've seen so far are extended shots of planes exploding and gushing fluid into the skies. What of the pilots? Thankfully, a new trailer shows off just a few of the people you'll be sharing the skies with. The clip below... More
  • Blog Post: Namco Releases Barrage Of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Media

    Namco is doing things a little differently with the latest installment of its Ace Combat series. The company sees Ace Combat: Assault Horizon as a rebirth of sorts, delivering significant improvements to plane and environmental damage and bringing the action even closer. Watch the trailer below to get... More
  • Blog Post: 3DS Versions Of Pac-Man, Galaga In the Works

    Namco's Pac-Man and Galaga franchises have shown up on pretty much every platform imaginable, so it should come as now surprise that the developer is working on versions for Nintendo's upcoming handheld. Here are some of the first details on the projects. While neither series seems like it needs... More
  • Blog Post: Namco Bringing Tales Of Graces F To North America

    Namco is bringing another Tales game to North America. The announcement was made on an official site , offering little in the way of details beyond the fact that Tales of Graces F is coming. The Japanese version of the PS3 game came out last year, which itself was an enhanced port of the 2009 Wii game... More
  • Blog Post: Dr. Kawashima's Newest Brain Trainer Goes Gold

    Japanese neuroscientist Dr. Ryuta Kawashima is best known for his Brain Age series on the Nintendo DS, but his newest Kinect-exclusive title could change that. Today Namco announced that Body And Brain Connection has just gone gold, and we've got a bunch of screenshots of the game in action. Body... More
  • Blog Post: Pac-Man Hitting The Streets In Tournament Of Roses Parade

    If you're able to open your eyes that morning, you may want to turn on the TV on January 1. That's when a Pac-Man float will be making its debut during the 122nd annual Tournament of Roses Parade in beautiful Pasadena, Calif. “Pac-Man’s big spirit and insatiable appetite for adventure... More
  • Blog Post: Katamari Creator Explains Why He Left Namco

    Katamari Damacy and Noby Noby Boy creator Keita Takahashi announced his decision to leave Namco Bandai back in September and was quoted calling the publisher a "so-so company." Takahashi has since gone on to create a new venture , Uvula, with his wife. In an interview with Eurogamer the developer... More
  • Blog Post: Street Fighter X Tekken Trailer

    You've read the announcement . You've checked out the screens . Why not take a quick look at Street Fighter X Tekken in action? While the teaser trailer is short on action and long on setting up a mood, it's still worth checking out. Get on it, already! More
  • Blog Post: First Explosive Street Fighter X Tekken Screens

    Street Fighter X Tekken is a real thing that's happening. Now it's time to take a good long leer and the first batch of gorgeous screens from the epic crossover. This batch shows off the highly stylized art direction, complete with Chun-Li, Ryu, Nina, and Kazuya Mishima kicking the crap out of... More
  • Blog Post: Enslaved Will Have Story DLC

    Enslaved: Odyssey To The West, Ninja Theory’s new post-apocalyptic action adventure title, will be out later this year, but be sure you hold on to that game disc after you finish the main story, because you might want to play some of the game’s story-based DLC. A few other sites have just... More
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