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  • Blog Post: Mutant Football League Doesn't Make Kickstarter Goal

    Mike Mendheim's attempt to resurrect EA's old Mutant League Football via Kickstarter as Mutant Football League has failed its funding goal. The game raised $141,821 of its $750,000 goal and attainted 1,105 backers. Mendheim said via Twitter , "We will be back my friends. Not sure how, when... More
  • Blog Post: Mutant Football Makes A Comeback Through Kickstarter

    In our current issue ( October 2013 ), we have an exclusive interview with Michael Mendheim , creator and designer of Mutant League Football . Today, the Kickstarter campaign for Mutant Football League launched, and the goal is to recapture the glory of the Sega Genesis title. The campaign seeks $750... More
  • Blog Post: New GI Has Info On Spiritual Successor To Mutant League Football

    Mutant League Football creator Michael Mendheim is getting ready to bring back gridiron carnage with a brand-new franchise inspired by the Genesis classic, and GI's got the scoop. You can read about this new football franchise as well as some of the team that Mendheim has assembled, in the new issue... More
  • Blog Post: What Could Have Been: Mutant League Reboot

    Way back in the glory days of sports games known as 1993, Electronic Arts decided to take the Madden '93 engine and craft a very different sports game for the Sega Genesis. The result was Mutant League Football, a gory take on American football where the teams consisted of trolls, robots, and more... More
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