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  • Blog Post: Chiptune Documentary Sequence Shows The Animated Life Of A Game Boy

    The opening sequence to Europe in 8 Bits , an upcoming documentary on the European chiptune scene, shows us the life, death, and rebirth of an original Game Boy. It's a great sequence, which depicts an original Game Boy going from factory to home to a second life as a piece of musical equipment.... More
  • Blog Post: Typing Of The Dead: Overkill DLC Adds Music Lyrics And Words

    A new DLC pack for Typing of the Dead: Overkill replaces the game's normal text with musical lyric quotes, artist names, and instruments. You can grab Dancing With The Dead for $2.99 by heading here . For more on Typing of the Dead: Overkill you can check out our Test Chamber for the game here ,... More
  • Blog Post: Download 'In the Pines' Music Track From The Walking Dead Season Two

    Telltale is offering a free download for the song that appears during the end credits of the most recent episode of The Walking Dead. The song, "In the Pines" can be downloaded here . The song was arranged by Telltale composer Jared Emerson-Johnson, with vocals from Janel Drewis, who also works... More
  • Blog Post: Pokémon Ruby Sapphire Soundtracks Now Available On iTunes

    Nintendo has been trickling out soundtracks for its assorted Pokémon games, and the latest to become available are the soundtracks for Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire. Soundtracks for HeartGold and SoulSilver , FireRed and LeafGreen , and X & Y have are currently available, and you can find... More
  • Blog Post: Pokémon HeartGold And SoulSilver Soundtracks Now Available On iTunes

    The soundtracks for Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver are now available to purchase and download through iTunes. Nintendo has slowly been trickling out the soundtracks for its Pokémon games on iTunes. The Pokémon X & Y soundtracks released in November , with the soundtracks for... More
  • Blog Post: Game Music Bundle 6 Offers Braid And Rogue Legacy Soundtracks For Cheap

    Game Music Bundle 6 is here and it offers the Dust: An Elysian Tale, Braid, and Rogue Legacy soundtracks, among others, for a low price. For $1 you get the soundtracks for the three games listed above, plus soundtracks for Electronic Super Joy and Famaze. If you go up to $10 you get another 19 soundtracks... More
  • Blog Post: The Harp Twins Play Selections From The Lord Of The Rings

    Professional duet harpists Camille and Kennerly Kitt are best known as the "Harp Twins", a duo famous for arranging and performing a variety of music from popular artists, television, film, and video games. In their latest performance, the Twins play an electric duet harp arrangement of songs... More
  • Blog Post: PS4 Can Stream Music During Games With Music Unlimited

    PlayStation 4 users can stream music while playing games using Sony's Music Unlimited service. With the service running in the background, the Music Unlimited controls can be accessed during gameplay with the push of a button. Music Unlimited plays on top of in-game audio, which should be selectively... More
  • Blog Post: Grand Theft Auto V Soundtrack Gets A Three-Album Digital Compilation

    If you've been cruising the streets of Los Santos enjoying the soundtrack and score of Grand Theft Auto V , you don't have to put together your own playlist. You can purchase a three-album set right now on iTunes. Each playlist covers a different aspect of GTA V's music. The first album is... More
  • Blog Post: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Is Back With New Entry, Curtain Call

    Can you just not help yourself tapping to Final Fantasy's musical beats? Well, you're in luck because another Theatrhythm entry is headed to Japan for 3DS. The new 3DS entry is called Curtain Call and features beats from over 200 songs and 60 characters, as revealed when site Gematsu obtained... More
  • Blog Post: Zune Marketplace Changing To Xbox Music and Video

    The Zune Marketplace will no longer offer media rentals or sales at the end of the month as part of the abandonment of Microsoft Points . This change is similar to the shutting down of Games for Windows Live . The Zune store is shutting down, but it's really more of a conversion. You will still be... More
  • Blog Post: Q-Games Created Visualizers Coming To PlayStation 3

    Q-Games, the developer behind the PixelJunk series of games, is bringing a collection of music visualizers to the PlayStation 3. The app will be available on Tuesday, August 13 for a limited two-week price of $2.99. After that, the app will be $4.99. It will include six visualizers with names like Fibre... More
  • Blog Post: Capcom Announces Winners Of The Remember Me Sountrack Remix Contest

    Back in June , Capcom announced a contest encouraging musicians to submit remixed versions of Remember Me's impressive soundtrack. Capcom has unveiled the winners. The winners are Connor Mills from Ireland A.K.A. “Alaskan” with The relaxing electro remix and Nick Gonzalez A.K.A. "Atpunk"... More
  • Blog Post: Die Hard, Robin, And The Music Of Batman: Arkham Origins

    "Batman isn't Batman until there's music and lighting. Otherwise it's a guy standing there in a costume and it looks like a convention," says Eric Holmes, the creative director for Batman: Arkham Origins. While visiting Warner Bros. Games Montreal for our cover story on the next... More
  • Blog Post: Dan Bull's BioShock Infinite Rap

    British rapper Dan Bull has made a name for himself in gaming circles with video game-inspired rap songs based on titles like Skyrim and Minecraft . Now, he's turned his attention to Irrational's epic BioShock Infinite. As always, the results are pretty funky. Warning: Contains Spoilers Source... More
  • Blog Post: Mega Man Soundtrack Now Available From Capcom

    Capcom is in the process of officially bringing all of the Mega Man soundtracks to North America , and it all begins with the original Mega Man's music, which is available now. You can head to Capcom's official store to grab 28 original and remixed tracks for $8.95. Soundtracks for Mega Mans... More
  • Blog Post: [Updated] "American Pie" Closes Out Rock Band's DLC

    [Update] With the release of Don Mclean's "American Pie" today, Harmonix's streak of updating Rock Band with new DLC will come to an end at 281 weeks. Over 130 million songs have been sold through the Rock Band store since its launch in 2007. Here's to a job well done by Harmonix... More
  • Blog Post: Sound Shapes Gets More Beats On March 12

    Sound Shapes is still one of Sony's best titles for PS Vita, and we can't wait to platform our way through more songs. Fortunately, we will only have to wait until March 12 for Sounds Shapes next batch of DLC. Developer Queasy Games recently tweeted about the upcoming DLC. Unfortunately, they... More
  • Blog Post: Mew-Genics Reveals More About Its Soundtrack

    This week's Mew-Genics update offers more information about the game's soundtrack from the collaborative duo, Ridiculon. Ridiculon is made John Evans and Matthias Bossi, who you may know from his former band, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum. Along with offering a look at how the music is coming together... More
  • Blog Post: Discover The Music Of Ni No Kuni In Third Dev Featurette

    A new video highlights the music of Joe Hisaishi, whose elegant melodic writing will accompany the animated visuals of the new Japanese role-playing game. Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is just a few weeks from release, and Namco Bandai is hoping to further entice players with more info on the... More
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