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  • Blog Post: Splinter Cell Movie Aims For “Younger” Feel

    Doug Liman, the director of the upcoming film adaptation of Ubisoft’s Splinter Cell series, says that the movie will have a vibe that’s unique from the game while keeping many of the series’ traditions. In a recent interview, Liman, who is currently out promoting the time-twisting Tom... More
  • Blog Post: "Code: Echo" Challenges Students To Create Games Off Earth To Echo Film

    Film distributor Relativity is challenging kids across the country to create a game based off the upcoming film, Earth to Echo. Relativity’s upcoming feature film Earth To Echo, opens nationwide July 2, but the Code: Echo initiative challenges kids to create games before the film comes out in three... More
  • Blog Post: Inception Retold As An 8-Bit Game

    Inception was a great movie, and it would probably make a great old school video game. Get a glimpse into what history might look like if video game developers had been able to license Inception thirty years ago. Inception sure is a good movie, huh? But we don't want to put any ideas in your head... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: What's Your Favorite Movie Video Game?

    In general, video games based on movies are terrible – but there are a few gems. What are your favorites? We asked the reverse of this question a few months ago with our What's Your Favorite Video Game Movie? discussion . To date, there really haven't been any standout movies based on video... More
  • Blog Post: 20th Century Fox Making Magic: The Gathering Movie Franchise

    Film studio 20th Century Fox has bought the movie rights to Wizards of the Coast's popular fantasy card game, with the intent of making it into a major movie franchise. The Hollywood Reporter is...reporting that 20th Century Fox has bought the rights to make a series of movies based on Magic: The... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: What's Your Favorite Video Game Movie?

    Blizzard spent some time detailing its upcoming World of Warcraft movie adaptation yesterday, and it made us think about the infrequent overlap of video games and movies. Do you have a favorite? Do you have a least-favorite? In recent years, there have been some excellent films about video games, like... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft To Use Jinni Recommendation Technology For Xbox Video

    Today, Microsoft announced that it has sign a multi-year agreement with Jinni to use its "Entertainment Genome" technology for Xbox video discovery. The press release states "Jinni's proprietary Entertainment Genome uses deep knowledge of every show and movie in the Xbox Video catalog... More
  • Blog Post: Zune Marketplace Changing To Xbox Music and Video

    The Zune Marketplace will no longer offer media rentals or sales at the end of the month as part of the abandonment of Microsoft Points . This change is similar to the shutting down of Games for Windows Live . The Zune store is shutting down, but it's really more of a conversion. You will still be... More
  • Blog Post: What If Blade Runner Had Been An 8-bit RPG?

    Harebrained Schemes recent Shadowrun Returns scratched an itch that the dystopian sci-fi film Blade Runner started back in 1982. Shadowrun was good , but we still wonder what a Blade Runner game would look like. CineFix recently dreamed up what an 8-bit Blade Runner might have looked like. Watch Deckard... More
  • Blog Post: Animated Short Film Shows The Zelda Movie Pitch That Never Made It

    Imagi Animation, the studio behind the 2007 TMNT and 2009 Astro Boy , wanted to make a Zelda movie, and it created a pitch video to show off its intentions. Obviously, the film didn't movie forward. The pitch was directed by animator Adam Holmes, who posted the video on his online portfolio . You... More
  • Blog Post: Sony Files For 'PlayStation TV' Trademark

    Sony announced during its E3 press conference that it would use Sony Pictures and Sony Music to bring original programming to the PlayStation 4. With a recent trademark application, we might be seeing the first steps of that plan. On the United States Patent and Trademark Office website, Sony filed for... More
  • Blog Post: Man Of Steel Trailer Recreated In Minecraft

    We've always thought that Superman was a bit of a square, but this fan-made video, which recreates the newest Man of Steel trailer in Minecraft, pretty much proves our assumptions. Legendary Picture's upcoming Man of Steel , directed by Zack Snyder, produced by Christopher Nolan, and scripted... More
  • Blog Post: Skylanders Not Destined For The Silver Screen

    Activision has confirmed that there are “not any plans” for a Skylanders television show or movie. John Coyne, Activison's vice president of consumer marketing, told MCV that the popular children’s title tells its story through the game, making other forms of Skylanders media redundant... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Signs Deal To Bring Redbox Instant Service To Live

    Xbox Live already has numerous apps that allow you to access on-demand and streaming movies and television programming. Soon, it will have one more -- Verizon's new Redbox Instant service. Currently, Redbox Instant is in a public beta, which you can access on the official site. According to Microsoft... More
  • Blog Post: New Fan-Created Sonic Film To Blend Live Action and CG

    In this proof-of-concept "spec film," Blue Core Studios intends to show its plans for a not-for-profit Sonic the Hedgehog film that uses both live actors and CG animation. The studio has even enlisted the talents of Sonic voice-acting vet (and Urkel actor) Jaleel White. The team hopes to get... More
  • Blog Post: A Sneak Peek At Disney's Upcoming Film Wreck-It Ralph

    Disney's newest animated feature, Wreck-It Ralph, looks like a brilliant love letter to video games. Check out a clip from the film, before its release next month. Wreck-It Ralph comes out November 2. Watch the clip below, and read our interview with Wreck-It Ralph star John C. Reilly . More
  • Blog Post: Disney Releases Second Wreck-It Ralph Trailer

    Every time we see more of Disney's upcoming film Wreck-It Ralph we're more convinced that it will be a great film. Check out the film's second trailer set to some really Fun. music. Don't miss our interview with Wreck-It Ralph star John C. Reilly. More
  • Blog Post: Troubled Uncharted Movie Project Loses Another Director

    On paper, Uncharted seems like one of the easier games to adapt to film, given that its explosive brand of action adventure is similar to an interactive Hollywood movie to begin with. However, efforts to bring an Uncharted movie to the big screen have been plagued by difficulties. Today, it was revealed... More
  • Blog Post: Disney's Wreck It Ralph Takes Arcade Form

    Fiction becomes reality. For the promotion of its upcoming animated film Wreck It Ralph , Disney has made 101 classic looking arcade cabinets for the fictional arcade classic, Fix It Felix. And we got our hands on one. During our trip to San Diego for Comic Con 2012, we snuck over to the Tilt arcade... More
  • Blog Post: CBS Films Buys Rights For Deus Ex Movie

    Deus Ex fans can look forward to getting another look of the series' cyberpunk-inspired future, though it'll be coming from an unexpected direction. CBS Films has announced that it's picked up the film rights to the series, and that it's bringing it to the big screen. According to CBS... More
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