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  • Blog Post: MOGA Announces Full-Sized iOS Controller

    When PowerA announced its first iOS controller, the MOGA Ace , in November 2013, the form factor caught us a bit by surprise. Not only did it deviate from MOGA’s traditional design, mimicking console controllers, but it didn’t take advantage of previous innovation. The MOGA Rebel is a step... More
  • Blog Post: New MOGA Controllers Are Available Now To Charge Your Phone

    Back during E3, we demoed the MOGA controllers , which turn Android devices into more capable game consoles. We also got an early look at the new MOGA Power series, which can serve as auxiliary batteries. The new devices, the MOGA Power Hero and Power Pro, are available now. The MOGA controllers are... More
  • Blog Post: Playing First-Person Shooters On A Mobile Device Is Hard

    The latest video from YouTube's favorite special effects wizard, FreddieW and Rocket Jump , showcases the difficulty of aiming a virtual gun when all you've got to work with is a small touch screen. The video also serves to highlight a contest from mobile controller developer, MOGA . MOGA and... More
  • Blog Post: The Controllers Were The Best In Mobile At E3

    E3 isn’t typically a thriving playground for mobile titles, and this year wasn’t much different. Square Enix offered only a small, cramped row of five iPads for its headline title, Deus Ex: The Fall . EA squirreled away its entire catalog far off the show floor in the JW Marriott, a fifteen... More
  • Blog Post: New MOGA Controllers Power Up Your Android And Windows 8 Phones

    It is impossible to look at the landscape of the video game industry and not take in how pervasive mobile gaming has become . PowerA has been making strides in bridging the gap between consoles and phones with the smartly designed MOGA controllers. Now, the company is solving one more problem: power... More
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