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  • Blog Post: Blizzard Gives Warcraft Assets To Starcraft Community Along With Mod Challenge

    Blizzard has open the vault of Warcraft III art, sound, and effect assets it’s been keeping safe all these years. Now, Starcraft II modders can bring the history of Blizzard’s Warcraft universe into the space age. Included in the asset dump are hero models for Warcraft III’s four races... More
  • Blog Post: Beyond Skyrim Team Updates On Progress, Will Release First Content In 2015

    Last year, we spoke with a modder by the name of Will Hillson about an ambitious Elder Scrolls project called Beyond Skyrim . The fan-made, unofficial expansion seeks to bring the rest of Tamriel to players as one complete experience. On the third anniversary of the endeavor, we have an update on how... More
  • Blog Post: Mario Kart Mixes With MOBA Madness In Dota Dash Mod

    Back in 1992, Super Mario Kart kicked off the mascot racer genre, becoming one of the most beloved series in video games. Today, MOBAs are one of – if not the – most popular genre of games available, so what happens when we mix the two gaming giants together? Dota Dash, a play on the title... More
  • Blog Post: Game With Your Feet With Ben Heck's Homemade Foot Pedals

    Professional modder/mad scientist Ben Heck has a new instructional video that details how to make your own foot pedals for PC gaming. In the video below, Heck walks viewers through his technique for creating a pair of two-stage foot pedals, which essentially gives players four more buttons at their disposal... More
  • Blog Post: Bring Morrowind's Content To Skyrim With Skywind Mod

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is just over two years old, but it continues to capture the imagination of modders from around the world. Earlier today, we shared with you the story of Alexander Velinsky, who used Bethesda's RPG as the canvas for a job application . Now, we're showing you how to... More
  • Blog Post: Volition May Invite Modders To Play In The Saints Row Sandbox

    One of the things that continues to tug console gamers toward gaming PCs is the openness of the platform. Sure, there are titles like Minecraft and Far Cry 3 that allow basic customization, but if you've ever seen the useful, absurd, or gorgeous mods that fill Skyrim's section of the Steam Workshop... More
  • Blog Post: Skyrim Players Downloaded More Than 2 Million Mods In A Week

    Modders and fans have enthusiastically received the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim's Creation Kit, according to Bethesda, and more than 2 million mods for the RPG have been downloaded for the game since the toolset was released. More than 2,500 mods are available for the PC version of the game, all of which... More
  • Blog Post: Free Crysis 2 Editor, CryENGINE 3 SDK Coming By August

    If you're a modder, Crytek has some news that might be of interest to you: Crytek is releasing a pair of tools that by August that will give you complete access to Crysis 2's game engine. Crytek president and CEO Cevat Yerli has posted an open letter to the gaming community announcing his company's... More
  • Blog Post: Rapture Recreated In Minecraft

    Soon, every game ever made will have been recreated in Minecraft. Following closely on the heels of the cool Portal mod we reported on, a user named Ein has emulated the dramatic opening to BioShock using Minecraft's ridiculously flexible creation tools. Check out this video to see the ingenious... More
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