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  • Blog Post: CCP Atlanta Hit With Layoffs, World of Darkness Canceled

    Eve Online developer, CCP Games, was working on an MMO set within the fictional vampiric universe of World of Darkness. After several layoff to it's Atlanta studio, however, the blood-sucking MMO has been canceled. This isn't the first time that CCP – or World of Darkness – has suffered... More
  • Blog Post: The Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition Leaked

    Earlier today, Amazon apparently leaked The Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition. A user noticed the above image accidentally posted on the Dishonored: GOTY listing and posted on the video game forums about it. As seen in the image above, it shows a collector's edition for the upcoming MMORPG The... More
  • Blog Post: Blizzard Runs Down World Of Warcraft's Big Number Milestones

    Nearly 10 years after World of Warcraft's release, Blizzard is putting its impact into perspective with some revealing stats and numbers. After having 100 million visitors to Azeroth, Blizzard wants to provide a glimpse into what people have been doing in the world and how popular the MMORPG is across... More
  • Blog Post: New Star Wars: The Old Republic - Galactic Starfighter Screens, Art, And Trailer

    BioWare has released a flood of new information, screens, concept art, and a trailer for Galactic Starfighter, the upcoming DLC for it's Free-to-Play MMORPG, Star Wars: The Old Republic. Galactic Starfighter pits players against one another in 12v12, free-flight dogfights between the Empire and the... More
  • Blog Post: Sony Issues Final Fantasy XIV Refunds To European Players

    Here's a glimmer of good news for (would-be) Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn players. Sony is issuing full refunds to some of the people affected by the game's troubled relaunch, which included login issues, server overloads, and more. According to a post on Europe's PlayStation Blog ,... More
  • Blog Post: World of Warcraft Subscriptions Fall To 7.7 Million

    Today, Activision announced that it is buying itself out from under Vivendi's shadow, but that's not the only recent news coming out of the mega-publisher. WoW's subscriptions continue to decline. We've seen World of Warcraft's subscribers continue to dwindle for a few years now,... More
  • Blog Post: Dragon Quest X Heading To PCs In Japan

    It's not too surprising considering the MMO nature of the tenth entry in the Dragon Quest series, that the game will be coming to Japanese PCs later this year. The game is currently in beta with a full release planned for September 26th. There will be a download-only version of the game, but Square... More
  • Blog Post: Rift Creative Director On Free-To-Play Conversion

    Trion’s fantasy MMO is going free-to-play starting June 12. We spoke with creative director Bill Fisher on the upcoming conversion and what it means to new and existing players. Trion announced yesterday that Rift is joining the majority of its peers as a fully free-to-play MMORPG this summer.... More
  • Blog Post: Iron Man Showcased In New Marvel Heroes Teaser

    This spring, Gazillion Entertainment will be releasing the free-to-play Marvel Heroes MMORPG. Today, they've released a brief look at one of its iconic stars. Take a look below to see Tony Stark blow up a bunch of stuff and shoot laser things out of his hands. More
  • Blog Post: Neverwinter Open Beta Weekend Dates Announced

    Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios have announced the dates for the Dungeons & Dragons MMORPG's open beta weekends including Feb. 8-10, Mar. 8-10, and Mar. 22-24. Visit the website to register for a chance to be selected to participate in the beta weekends. Alongside the beta weekends... More
  • Blog Post: Tera Going Free On February 5

    En Masse's massively multiplayer role-playing game is joining the ranks of the free-to-play revolution on February 5. As with most subscription-gone-free games, Tera will have tiers roughly analogous to "free player, subscribed player, and player who bought the box." The usual bonuses like... More
  • Blog Post: Family Guy Online Is Shutting Down Before Leaving Beta

    Family Guy Online, which only opened up its beta to the public a few months ago, is shutting down on January 18, 2013. The news comes from a posting on the Family Guy Online website . Refunds will be issued back to those who spent real money of the game during the beta. There is another Family Guy game... More
  • Blog Post: Star Wars: The Old Republic Receives Massive Game Update

    Still fighting the good fight in a galaxy far, far away? EA and LucasArts just released a huge amount of new game content for your Star Wars character to enjoy. It looks like most of the content appeals directly to high level characters who may be looking for new experiences. According to an EA press... More
  • Blog Post: Total Recall MMO Coming To The Internet In 2012

    Chinese gaming company ZQGame announced plans today for an MMO game based on the upcoming film Total Recall. The film, set for release next year, is a remake of the 1990 movie and stars Colin Farrell as the guy Arnold Schwarzenegger played in original. The game will be fully 3D and entirely browser based... More
  • Blog Post: Blizzard: Pandaria Haters "Will Come Around"

    You only need to glance at the WoW forums or read the comments on my World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria preview to notice that there's been a surprising amount of negative feedback from fans upset that Blizzard is taking a more light-hearted approach to this expansion pack. Yesterday at Blizzcon... More
  • Blog Post: World Of Darkness MMO Put On Back Burner

    CCP Games, the developer and publisher of space MMORPG Eve Online and the upcoming PS3 tie-in Dust 514, has announced that it is laying off 20 percent of its global workforce and shifting development resources to better focus on launching Dust and creating Eve expansions. The World of Darkness MMO, announced... More
  • Blog Post: Blizzard Auctioning Off Old WoW Servers For Charity

    If you played World of Warcraft back in its early days, your adventures were probably housed in one of Blizzard's HP BladeSystem servers. Now the company is auctioning off the hardware and donating the proceeds St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. According to Blizzard, the server blades being... More
  • Blog Post: Wada: Final Fantasy XIV “Greatly Damaged” Franchise’s Brand

    During a Square Enix press conference today CEO Yoichi Wada addressed the shortcomings of the company’s poorly received MMO, Final Fantasy XIV. “The Final Fantasy brand has been greatly damaged," said Wada regarding Final Fantasy XIV. Since the game’s release in September 2011... More
  • Blog Post: NCsoft Announces PC MMO Wildstar

    Developer Carbine Studios is banking on a "layered" approach to MMO design to differentiate its sci-fi/fantasy MMORPG from the pack -- which it's going to need, since it looks and plays just like a Blizzard game you may have heard of. Wildstar employs a cartoony art style to sell its unusual... More
  • Blog Post: World of Warcraft Subscriptions Fall Again

    After a drop of over 500,000 subscribers back in May following the aftermath of the Cataclysm expansion, Blizzard's MMO phenomenon World of Warcraft has experienced another significant decline. After fall in May from a high of 12 million worldwide subscribers to 11.4 million, from May to July the... More
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