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  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: Do You Prefer Resident Evil Now Or Pre-Resident Evil 4?

    Resident Evil 4 changed the direction for the survival horror series dramatically. Before 2005 it had limited action and tank controls. After 2005 it had third-person shooter controls and lots of action. Which do you prefer? Today marks Resident Evil 4's 10th anniversary and it prompts us to consider... More
  • Blog Post: Bethesda Details The Evil Within's PC Performance

    With just a week until release, Bethesda reached out to The Evil Within's community today to provide some clarification regarding the game's framerate and requirements on PC. The answers may not be exactly what PC gamers were hoping to hear, but Bethesda is allowing plenty of opportunity to customize... More
  • Blog Post: Sony Signs With Shadows Of The Damned Director

    When you think of Shadows of the Damned, the first two names that come to mind are Shinji Mikami and Goichi Suda. The game's director, Massimo Guarini, may not have the same level of recognition among gamers, but Sony may change that. The Shadows of the Damned director's company, Ovosonico ,... More
  • Blog Post: Resident Evil Creator's Next Game Not Coming This Year

    When Resident Evil mastermind Shinji Mikami formed a new ZeniMax-owned studio called Tango Gameworks in 2010 , many fans of the beloved game designer took notice. Though the studio is continuing to ramp up its staff, it looks like we'll be waiting a while until we see what Mikami and crew are working... More
  • Blog Post: ZeniMax Acquires Mikami's Tango Gameworks

    ZeniMax Media has announced the acquisition of Shinji Mikami's Tango Gameworks development studio. Mikami, best known for creating Resident Evil as well as newer games such as Vanquish, will develop games for ZeniMax's Bethesda Softworks. “It’s refreshing to find a publisher who understands... More
  • Blog Post: Sega’s New Platinum-Developed Game Revealed, Mikami’s Vanquish

    Shinji Mikami, creator of Resident Evil, has a new game on the horizon. Being developed by Platinum Games and published by Sega, the one-time Capcom mastermind is creating a title called Vanquish. The game’s debut revealed very little, but the game does include international terrorist attacks,... More
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