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  • Blog Post: Diablo Creator David Brevik Steps Down As CEO Of Marvel Heroes Studio Gazillion

    David Brevik, who is often credited as one of the key minds behind Blizzard’s Diablo has announced his departure from his most recent post. He recently stepped down as CEO of Marvel Heroes studio Gazillion Entertainment, a position he held since 2011. Brevik announced the news this week in a statement... More
  • Blog Post: Blade Is A Cut Above Marvel Heroes' Halloween Goodies

    Marvel’s chief vampire hunter Blade is bringing his prowess to the action-MMORPG, Marvel Heroes. The pseudo-vampire sports a stylish array of abilities tailored for tackling the supernatural this Halloween. The daywalker’s in-game appearance is inspired by his design from the covers of his... More
  • Blog Post: Marvel Heroes Developer Gazillion Suffers Layoffs, But ‘Remains Very Healthy’

    Marvel Heroes has been a turnaround success. After a rough launch, developer Gazillion went back to the drawing board, listened to fan feedback, and implement changes that have drastically improved the game. Unfortunately, the company has recently suffered a setback, needing to layoff a number of employees... More
  • Blog Post: [Exclusive Trailer] Marvel Heroes 2015 Gets A Little Smaller This Week As Ant-Man Arrives

    With Ant-Man hitting theaters this week, the team at Gazillion has cleverly timed the diminutive hero’s arrival in Marvel Heroes. Scott Lang becomes the 49th playable hero in the free-to-play action-RPG. For a limited time, Ant-Man comes with both his Avengers NOW and theatrical costumes. If you’re... More
  • Blog Post: Nvidia PC Purchasers Get Free Free-To-Play Currency

    Consumers who purchase certain Geforce computers will get currency for free-to-play titles Warframe, Neverwinter, and Marvel Heroes. To get the deal, you have to purchase a Geforce GTX 650 or a 700M notebook with a Geforce GTX GPU from Nvidia. You can head here to learn more about it, or offer up your... More
  • Blog Post: [Updated] Trouble Hits Marvel Heroes, Early Access Now Open For Ultimate Pack Buyers

    Update: Early access is now available for those Marvel Heroes fans that purchased the $200 Ultimate Pack. Things are perfect yet, though. There is a text glitch that inaccurately reports the experience bonus awarded by the ultimate pack (it's properly calculated, though), the exclusive War costume... More
  • Blog Post: Marvel Heroes Launch Date And New Villains Trailer Revealed

    The free-to-play comic book MMO now has a release date, and a new trailer shows off some of the game's villains. The game is set to go live on June 4, but those who purchase packs of in-game characters will be able to get early access to the game. While you can eventually unlock all characters through... More
  • Blog Post: Iron Man Showcased In New Marvel Heroes Teaser

    This spring, Gazillion Entertainment will be releasing the free-to-play Marvel Heroes MMORPG. Today, they've released a brief look at one of its iconic stars. Take a look below to see Tony Stark blow up a bunch of stuff and shoot laser things out of his hands. More
  • Blog Post: Gazillion Releases Marvel Heroes Developer Diary “Building a Hero”

    Gazillion Entertainment’s free-to-play, action-RPG MMO, Marvel Heroes, presents a behind-the-scenes look at the development of the game in the short developer diary, “Building a Hero." This film follows Gazillion’s development team, which includes Diablo creator David Brevik, and... More
  • Blog Post: Play Your Favorite Super Heroes In Marvel Heroes

    Gazillion Entertainment is getting set to release the free-to-play MMO Marvel Heroes, and the company has just unveiled a release timeframe for the title, as well as details on how you can start the game playing as your favorite super hero. Marvel Heroes is slated to come out this spring, and when it... More
  • Blog Post: The Free-To-Play Online Marvel MMO Has A Trailer

    We've been aware that Marvel Heroes is in development, but this is the first time we have actual footage of the game in action. It looks a little bit like the Marvel Ultimate Alliance games, which I think will make people happy. The game will feature notable characters like Iron Man and Spider-Man... More
  • Blog Post: Marvel Heroes Will Use Unreal Engine 3

    Free-to-play games aren't usually defined by outstanding graphics, but the upcoming Marvel Heroes is putting in some real effort by licensing Epic's popular engine. Developer Gazillion Entertainment announced that the PC-exclusive MMO will use Unreal Engine 3. Does that mean that all of the game's... More
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