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  • Blog Post: Light Up Your Lair With This Curious Cube

    They won’t give you coins or mushrooms, but 8-Bit Lit’s Question Block Lamps will light up a room. 8-Bit Lit cofounders Adam Ellsworth and Brian Duxbury delighted their friends and family with their first lamp, and made waves when they listed it on Etsy in 2012. Now, thanks to a successful... More
  • Blog Post: Mario Should Have Had A Shotgun

    This Left 4 Dead mod recreated level 1-1of Super Mario Bros. Looks like Mario has been going about it all wrong. Youtube user Chubzdoomer just posted this video. We’d like to see more levels with some actual enemies. How do you think Mario would have faired against zombie Koopas? More
  • Blog Post: Mario Bros. And Grand Theft Auto Make A Better Combo Than You'd Think

    I go back and forth on machinima -- narrative videos made using an existing game's engine. It can be fun seeing a favorite game warped into a story-telling tool, but it's also hard to do in a way that doesn't come off as goofy. The video, which places the characters of the beloved Super Mario... More
  • Blog Post: Ryu Hayabusa Invades Super Mario Crossover

    All of you 8-bit fans out there have surely played Super Mario Crossover by this point, and if you haven't... get to it . It's one of the best Flash games we've seen, and is a dream come true for NES fans. So far, you've had a chance to invade the Mushroom Kingdom as Mario, Zelda, Simon... More
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