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  • Blog Post: Poster Artist Designs Print To Celebrate Super Smash Bros.

    We’ve featured artist Marinko Milosevski a number of times in the past. You might recall his Pokémon tourism posters or his take on Star Fox (if not, you might want to check those out). Now, Milosevski is back to celebrate Nintendo’s biggest title of the fall. Super Smash Bros. gets... More
  • Blog Post: Pokémon Gold And Silver Posters That Make Great Wall Art

    Sometimes fan art is better than the art often used in the production of many popular games. That could be the case with these expertly crafted Pokémon Gold and Silver posters, which look far better than anything in the classic Game Boy Color titles. This isn't Marinko Milosevski first run... More
  • Blog Post: Illustrator Creates Pokémon Movie Posters To Celebrate X & Y

    This stunning Pokémon art is the work of Marinko Milosevski, whose many talents include creating stunning video game movie posters. We’ve featured Milosevski’s Star Fox poster and Pokémon prints in the past. His latest posters commemorate the recent release of Pokémon... More
  • Blog Post: You'll Do A Barrel Roll Over This Star Fox Movie Poster

    We've featured the work of artist and illustrator Marinko Milosevski before, and we're please to share his most recent work. You might remember Milosevski's set of Pokémon prints . This time, he's tackling Nintendo's space epic, Star Fox. Click to enlarge. Milosevski lives... More
  • Blog Post: Illustrator Creates Advertisements For Fictional Pokémon Locales

    The debate about whether games are art may be ongoing, but few would argue that games can't inspire art in other mediums. One illustrator has paired his keen eye and sharp skill with his love of games. Marinko Milosevski is an illustrator and designer living in Detroit, Michigan. He's recently... More
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