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  • Blog Post: Marc Whitten Leaves Microsoft

    Marc Whitten, Xbox's former chief product officer, has left Microsoft. Whitten leaves the console manufacturer behind to join audio equipment company Sonos as chief product officer. Whitten has been with Xbox since the 2000 launch of Microsoft's first console, frequently taking the stage and... More
  • Blog Post: Xbox One Friend Alerts Coming Online After March

    The Xbox One is getting a stream of updates to increase the user experience. In February, the battery indicator and hard drive management were enabled. In March, friends list and parties are getting boost. Now we know approximately when to expect friend alerts to return Xbox Live. If you played on Xbox... More
  • Blog Post: Watch Twelve Minutes Of The Xbox One Dashboard

    Earlier this morning, we posted our impressions of the Xbox One dashboard along with six interesting details about how the user interface will work when you bring the console home. Microsoft has released its own footage to show off the dashboard. In the video, you'll be able to see fast app switching... More
  • Blog Post: Marc Whitten Confirms Remote Downloads For Xbox One

    Earlier this week, we reported on a convenient PlayStation 4 feature that allows gamers to download games to their consoles from their smartphones (the console turns on to download it, then goes back to sleep). Today, Xbox exec Marc Whitten confirmed the same functionality via his Twitter account. You... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Details ID@Xbox Independent Self-Publishing Plan

    In July, Game Informer reported that Microsoft was preparing to open the Xbox One platform to indie studios. The company confirmed our report, promising more information at Gamescom. Today, that commitment has been fulfilled and we know much more about how Microsoft will be inviting small studios to... More
  • Blog Post: Report: Kinect Not Required For Xbox One Operation

    We knew that the Xbox One's Kinect could be turned off in the settings, but today we've learned even more. The Kinect 2.0 need not even be connected to the Xbox One. The news was revealed in an ongoing question and answer session IGN has been conducting with Xbox chief product officer Marc Whitten... More
  • Blog Post: Xbox One's Family Play May Return

    When Microsoft reversed the Xbox One's always-online requirement and used game restrictions, it also dropped the family share plan. Now Marc Whitten, Xbox One chief product officer, says it's possible the plan could return. In an interview with IGN , Whitten said of the family plan: "If... More
  • Blog Post: Fingers Tired? Xbox One Kinect Will Read QR Codes

    Buying a new game, especially one with pre-order bonuses, has become comical. Online passes, unique costumes, bonus experience, and more all come tied to 25-digit codes on Xbox Live (PlayStation 3 owners skate by with just under half that) and entering them can be a chore when all you want to do is play... More
  • Blog Post: Xbox 360 Arcade Patch Fees Eliminated In April 2013

    Earlier today, rumors were swirling that Microsoft had eliminated patch fees on the Xbox 360. A tweet from Xbox chief product officer Marc Whitten confirms that some titles are now exempt from additional update costs. @Polygon : FYI Microsoft eliminated fees for Title Updates on Xbox 360 Arcade games... More
  • Blog Post: Xbox One Chief Product Officer Marc Whitten Discusses Microsoft's Reversal

    Following today's big announcement that Microsoft has changed its mind on used game restrictions and online check-ins to refresh licenses, we spoke with Xbox chief product officer Marc Whitten. We discussed pricing, changes to digital titles, and how Microsoft is positioned following E3 last week... More
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