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  • Blog Post: Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Says Modular Console Upgrades ’Not Our Plan’

    Last week, comments made by Xbox boss Phil Spencer at a recent showcase took an interesting spin. While speaking to a group of journalists, Spencer mentioned “new hardware capability” during a console generation. Some outlets assumed this meant that Microsoft would be allowing consumers to... More
  • Blog Post: Fallout 4's Mysterious Stranger Perk Music Now Available As A Ringtone

    For a stranger, gamers have gotten familiar with the enigmatic guardian of the Fallout 4 universe. Now players can carry a little piece of the Mysterious Stranger with these new ringtones based on the infamous in-game perk. The Mysterious Stranger, a perk seen throughout the Fallout franchise, spawns... More
  • Blog Post: New Xbox One Experience And Backward Compatibility Hit Your Console November 12

    During today's Halo 5: Guardians stream, Xbox's Phil Spencer announced that the New Xbox One Experience dashboard will be pushed to all Xbox One owners on November 12. Alongside the new dashboard, that update brings with it the start of the Xbox 360 backward compatibility on Xbox One for several... More
  • Blog Post: Goat Simulator Hits Xbox One

    Major Nelson has revealed the cult hit will be released for Xbox One tomorrow. Goat Simulator became an unlikely hit, largely due to YouTube videos of the game going viral on the Internet. Tomorrow, April 17, it will have a new console to create a ruckus on when it is released for Xbox One. The game... More
  • Blog Post: Xbox One April Update Heading Out To Preview Members

    Xbox One's April update, which has chat and Achievement improvements, is heading out to preview members. According to Xbox Live's Major Nelson , the update is rolling out to preview members in two waves. The first wave went out yesterday and the second wave will go out next week. The update includes... More
  • Blog Post: Xbox One October Update Brings New Snap Controls, Password Security

    Microsoft is beginning to roll out a new update that brings some new media functionality, plus a needed tweak to the system's password security. The biggest change is new controls for the system's sometimes wonky Snap feature. Now, a quick double tap of the Xbox button will bring up a quick menu... More
  • Blog Post: Large Collection Of Xbox Live Games Marked Down, Including Resident Evil Titles

    With the recent confirmation of Resident Evil Revelations 2 , now is the perfect time to check out Resident Evil Revelations, because it's on sale. You can check out the full list of sale items and their new prices below. Note that some of the sale items require an Xbox Live Gold subscription, while... More
  • Blog Post: Major Nelson Previews Septembers Xbox One System Update, Media Player Improvements

    Announced earlier this week at Gamescom, Xbox One's September system update will bring some notable changes to its media player, along with some new social features. Today, Xbox Live's Larry Hryb, aka Major Nelson, demonstrated and detailed some of those changes in action. The media player update... More
  • Blog Post: Major Nelson Demonstrates Xbox One Achievement Snap

    Announced earlier this week at E3, we now have more details on Xbox One's upcoming Achievement Snap app. In addition to viewing real-time achievement progress in-game, players can also command Xbox One to search the web for tips on achievements through the "Get Help" feature. Snap mode... More
  • Blog Post: Get To Know The New Head Of Xbox

    Last week Microsoft announced that its game studio head Phil Spencer was given the keys to the entire Xbox division. Today they released a video so fans could get to know the new captain of the ship. In this casual interview with Xbox spokesman Major Nelson, Spencer (who is a 26-year veteran at Microsoft... More
  • Blog Post: Xbox Live Sale Offers Large Discounts For On Demand And Arcade Games

    Microsoft has put a large number of downloadable games on its Xbox Live service on sale with significant markdowns. The sale covers everything from full Xbox 360 games, to arcade titles and the smallest discount is 50 percent off. This first batch of games listed here are on sale until today. If you... More
  • Blog Post: Battlefield 4 Europe Vs. USA Showdown Streams Live Friday On Xbox Live

    On Friday at 11 am Pacific and 2 pm Eastern (6 pm where the show is), fans of Battlefield can watch the Europe vs. USA showdown on Xbox Live. The game will be played live in London on the Xbox One, where EA and DICE plan to make some exclusive reveals. Major Nelson will lead the American team and AceyBongos... More
  • Blog Post: New Xbox One Video Details Cloud Computing, SmartGlass, and Kinect Features

    Microsoft has promised a lot with the Xbox One, and this new video give us a good look at some of the console's new features. In this video, you'll hear about how Microsoft is leveraging cloud computing and Kinect in the new system. You can also see how SmartGlass is being used in Dead Rising... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Reveals Xbox One Friends List Features

    In a new video, Xbox Live's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb detailed the way Xbox One's friends list will work. In addition to all the features we're using now like seeing what your friends are doing and their achievements, the Xbox One includes new social opportunities . In addition... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Shows Off The First Retail Xbox One

    Microsoft's Larry Hryb recently tweeted out a picture of the first retail-ready Xbox One. Last week , Hryb tweeted about a picture of the first Xbox Ones to come off the assembly line, but the consoles were already packaged in the cardboard boxes that would be their homes until they made it to retailers... More
  • Blog Post: First Retail Xbox One Units Are Off The Assembly Line

    Earlier today, Xbox Live director of programming Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb tweeted two pictures representing a significant next-generation milestone. The first Xbox One units are off the assembly line. This falls in line with Microsoft's reveal of the Xbox One release date (November 22... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft To Reveal New Exclusive At Gamescom

    In official Xbox blogger Major Nelson's new podcast, Microsoft Studios' head Phil Spencer said that the company has some big news planned for its Gamescom presentation. In Major Nelson's podcast , Spencer said, "We're going to have a really short stage presentation with some news... More
  • Blog Post: Xbox One To Be Playable At San Diego Comic Con

    Earlier today we shared that Sony is bringing the PlayStation 4 to San Diego Comic Con next week. Microsoft is also treating attendees with the first hands-on opportunity for the Xbox One. Confirmed titles include Ryse: Son of Rome and Killer Instinct in the Xbox Booth (#100). Other games will be available... More
  • Blog Post: "Ultimate Game Sale" On Xbox Live Next Week

    If you want to stock up on some great games for the summer, Microsoft might have a good reason for you to wait just a little bit longer. Announced on Major Nelson's blog, the "Ultimate Game Sale" begins next week on Xbox Live. We don't know how long each game will be on sale or what... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Provides Official Statement On The Xbox One Used Games Issue

    Xbox Live's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb has offered a statement on the used game issue that has been plaguing the Xbox One since its announcement. Microsoft has offered a number of conflicting statements on how the Xbox One will handle used games. Hryb's statement is still pretty ambiguous... More
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