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  • Blog Post: Other Places YouTube Series Casts Video Game Locations In A Beautiful Light

    The Other Places YouTube video series from ultrabrilliant takes special care in highlighting some of modern games' most stunning and detailed environments. It's no surprise to see some of the video games featured, like Bioshock Infinite's Columbia, but others like Mafia II's Empire Bay... More
  • Blog Post: Surprise DLC Drops For Mafia II

    A DLC surprise released today for Mafia II fans – four downloadable content packs ripe with new rides and threads. The “Vegas Pack” dishes out two new cars and suits, and the “War Hero” pack introduces military vehicles, fatigues, and a dress uniform. If flashy is more your... More
  • Blog Post: Revisit Mafia II With Jimmy’s Vendetta

    If you’ve already plowed through Mafia II’s campaign, more content is coming your way on September 7. Jimmy’s Vendetta joins the PS3-exclusive DLC available at launch – Betrayal of Jimmy – as the second add-on for Mafia II. Vendetta dishes out 30 new quests and leaderboard... More
  • Blog Post: Mafia II Trailer Highlights The Tools Of The Trade

    Mafia II is only a week from release, but 2K Games has been pumping out a bunch of new trailers to help build up our already impressive level of excitement. The latest stylish video focuses on the huge variety of weapons that will be at your disposal throughout the game. Watch it below. More
  • Blog Post: 2K Games Reveals Mafia II DLC, Including PS3 Exclusive

    Mafia II isn't out for another month or so, but that's not stopping 2K Games from talking about DLC. Depending on your platform of choice, the next tidbit will either make you collapse to the floor in a happily sobbing mess or clench your jaw in pure fury.* The first of the two announced DLC... More
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