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  • Blog Post: Madden 15 Predicts Another Pats Super Bowl

    If Madden 15's prediction of Super Bowl XLIX is anything to go by, it'll be a game that has a little bit of everything; coming down to the final play. All the stars do their part in this one, from a spectacular one-handed catch by Rob Gronkowski to open the scoring on the Patriots' first... More
  • Blog Post: Madden 15's Panthers & Seahawks Meet Again

    When players first turned on Madden 15 back in August, they played through a cinematic sequence pitting Cam Newton and the Panthers against the big, bad Seahawks. Cam did a voice-over for the segment, and his status as underdog at the time has turned to reality as the Panthers go into Seattle this weekend... More
  • Blog Post: Lawsuit Over Use Of Former NFL Players' Likeness In Madden Moves Forward

    A lawsuit involving former NFL players and their likenesses as they appear in Electronic Arts' Madden games is moving forward despite EA's attempt at an appeal. The lawsuit is related to EA's use of the likenesses of former NFL players in Madden games. Players like former Los Angeles Rams... More
  • Blog Post: Adrian Peterson Removed From Madden Giferator

    Adrian Peterson may be playing this Sunday [Update: The Vikings have announced that he's now suspended indefinitely], but he's out of Madden's GIFerator . EA Sports put up a GIF creation site a couple weeks ago to support its Madden NFL 15 launch. Vikings runningback Adrian Peterson was originally... More
  • Blog Post: EA Embraces Madden NFL 15's Bizarre Tiny Titan Glitch In New Video

    There's a strange glitch in Madden NFL 15 where Cleveland Browns linebacker Christian Kirksey shows up on the field as a tiny player. In the video below, from EA, you see Kirksey accepting of his role as the Tiny Titan, playing up the strange bug that makes him shrink in the game. For our review... More
  • Blog Post: A New Way To Taunt With Madden

    Taunting your opponent is half the fun, either in real-life football or in Madden, and EA Sports is giving you a new tool to do this. The GIFerator is an EA website that lets you create GIFs using Madden NFL 15 images. The website has you select a team, background, and gives you 40 characters to send... More
  • Blog Post: EA Has Billion Dollar Hopes For Ultimate Team And Other Extras This Year

    Each quarter, we report on EA’s success with post-launch monetization of its sports franchises. The Ultimate Team model gives the publisher an in-road to wallets in way that doesn’t impact the core experience, but offers fantasy fans a way to build their own club. It’s big business... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: Do Important Sporting Events Draw You To Sports Games?

    With the hockey and basketball playoffs now over and the World Cup in full swing, we wonder if you've been drawn back to the games that represent the sports. I have a confession. Usually after a few months of intense play, I'll cool off on sports games. What always draws me back in? When a big... More
  • Blog Post: Seattle's Richard Sherman Named Madden 15 Cover Athlete

    Seattle Seahawk's cornerback Richard Sherman has more to talk smack about. The vocal athlete was just named Madden 15's cover athlete, so prepare to see his fierce face on game shelves later this summer. Madden fans were able to vote for their favorite NFL star to be the face for Madden this... More
  • Blog Post: EA And Student-Athletes Reach Preliminary Settlement In NCAA Likeness Case

    Attorneys representing uncompensated student-athletes in the case brought against Electronic Arts over their likeness are saying they are ready to approve a settlement. This means the student-athletes who appeared in Electronic Arts college sports games without any compensation could be getting some... More
  • Blog Post: A Lot Of EA Games Are Going Offline Next Month

    Earlier today, we reported on how Capcom is handling the shutdown of the Gamespy service. Electronic Arts has also put out an official release, and the online status of many of their games is to be discontinued next month. Here's the full list of online shutdowns on June 30, courtesy of Electronic... More
  • Blog Post: You Can Vote For Madden NFL 15's Cover Athlete Now

    During the draft last night, Electronic Arts announced details about how fans will help determine which athlete graces the cover of the upcoming installment of Madden NFL. As in previous years , all of the potential athletes are arranged in a bracket, and fans can vote once per day. To chime in with... More
  • Blog Post: Thursday's NFL Draft Pick Players Will Be Available To Play In Madden NFL 25 Ultimate Team

    On Thursday May 8 as players are slected as part of the 2014 NFL Draft, they will become available for play in Madden NFL 25. According to a post on Madden NFL 25's official website , Electronic Arts revealed that all 32 first round picks will be available to play in Madden NFL 25 Ultimate Team.... More
  • Blog Post: EA's Ultimate Team Rakes In $380 Million

    EA's Ultimate Team offerings continue to be a big hit with sports fans, with Madden's version of the card-collecting mode seeing huge growth. EA's fourth-quarter financial results reveal that the Ultimate Team modes across EA Sports' series generated $380 million for fiscal year 2014... More
  • Blog Post: Article Shows NFL's Influence On Madden's Features

    A new article details some of the previously unknown ways in which the NFL influence the content of EA Sports' Madden franchise. The article, published on Sports Illustrated Extra Mustard, details eight features that the NFL had EA Sports remove from Madden. These include excessive celebrations,... More
  • Blog Post: Court Overturns Ruling In Madden Creator’s Case Against EA

    Electronic Arts has scored a legal victory in its defense against John Madden Football creator Robin Antonick. Last July, Antonick was awarded more than $11 million in damages on his claim that EA had used his intellectual property without permission . Yesterday, U.S. district judge Charles Breyer overturned... More
  • Blog Post: Man Applies For College Coaching Job Based On Extensive Madden Experience

    In what is surely a well-crafted jest, West Virginia football fan Christopher McComas has applied to coach the University of North Dakota football team. His cover letter and PowerPoint resume reference his longtime fandom and keen skills at video game pigskin. The Grand Forks Herald printed McComas’... More
  • Blog Post: Settlement Checks From Madden And NCAA Monopoly Suit Arriving Now

    In 2012, we reported that the class action suit against EA over a monopoly related to Madden, NCAA, and AFL-branded football titles had been settled with a compensation plan put in place. That settlement proposal was later revised , with consumers eligible for up to $162.92 for last-generation titles... More
  • Blog Post: Madden, Saints Row Top August 2013 NPD Charts, 3DS Sales Strong

    EA Sports' Madden NFL 25 tops the August charts with only a week of sales, while Nintendo's 3DS continues to experience brisk sales. This month's NPD finally held some good news for software sales. New physical software sales experience its first positive growth month since November 2011... More
  • Blog Post: Madden NFL 25 Skipping Wii U

    It was conspicuous that EA Sports wasn't talking about a Wii U version of the latest Madden game, and now it's official that the game won't appear on the Nintendo console. Nintendo World Report has a statement from a company representative that reads: "We will not be releasing a Wii... More
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