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  • Blog Post: London Museum Holds World Of Minecraft Event

    If you're in London tomorrow check out the Victoria and Albert Museum's The World of Minecraft event, which will explore the design culture of Minecraft's world as well as how game's influence real life. The Victoria and Albert Museum holds original contemporary late night event on the... More
  • Blog Post: Yoga Ball Mod Brings Katamari Closer To Reality

    Created by a group of artists and hackers for presentation at the Nuit Blanche Festival in London, Ontario, this mod allows players to roll a real giant ball in order to play Katamari. The controller was created for part of a big Katamari-inspired art instillation at the festival that featured people... More
  • Blog Post: Grand Theft Auto To Be Featured At London's Victoria and Albert Museum

    The Grand Theft Auto series will be featured in the museum's 'British Design 1948–2012: Innovation in the Modern Age' exhibit. Every game in the series will be featured with special emphasis on how the each game innovated in the creation of living digital metropolises. Here's some... More
  • Blog Post: Do You Like Peeing And Video Games? Move To England!

    Finally, you can combine your two passions in life -- urination and video games -- thanks to a new urinal controlled video game installation in a London bar. Despite the silly concept, the technology behind this oddball new control mechanic is actually pretty impressive. Just aim your stream at certain... More
  • Blog Post: Mario & Sonic Begin Training For The 2012 London Olympics

    The previous Mario & Sonic Olympic Games titles have scored some sales medals of their own, so it looks like Nintendo and Sega’ mascots will be reuniting for another test of the titans during next year’s Olympic games set in London. This test of champions will be headed to the Wii and... More
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