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  • Blog Post: Lego Lord Of The Rings Tower Stands Over 8 Feet, Consists Of 75,000 Bricks

    We may be witnessing the first shot fired in a King of Kong -like battle between Lego builders who are determined to build the largest model of The Lord of the Rings ' Tower of Orthanc. In 2011, Lego team, TheOneLug , constructed a version of this black obelisk that stretched seven feet in height... More
  • Blog Post: Steam Holiday Sale Day 9: Hitmen, Hobbits, And Hairdos

    After suffering some downtime earlier this week due to a game giveaway, Steam is trucking right along with the sales. Today offers a mix of recent AAA titles and indie gems. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag - $44.99 (Regularly $59.99) Call of Duty: Black Ops II - $29.99 (Regularly $59.99) Don’t... More
  • Blog Post: "Demo" Lego The Lord Of The Rings 360 Discs Are Actually The Full Game

    Update : A demo-disc mixup with the newly released Xbox 360 version of Lego The Lord of The Rings is only affecting certain shipments and these discs are really the full retail game Warner Bros. relayed in a statement. Read the full statement below: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is recalling... More
  • Blog Post: Hurricane Sandy Rains On Assassin's Creed III's Midnight Launch Parade

    When the weather is crappy outside, nothing is better than hunkering down with your console for an extended gaming session. But with a category one hurricane barreling into the eastern seaboard, that may not be an option for some gamers. Power companies are urging citizens to brace for outages, and several... More
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