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  • Blog Post: A Short Explanation Of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Story

    I remember loving The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, but I didn't pay very good attention to the story. Who was Zant? Why was Midna banished? Why are we talking about this game now? Here's a short recap of the game that explains some of those questions. After checking out this video from... More
  • Blog Post: Group Plays The Legend of Zelda For 150 Hours For Charity

    Looking for more proof that playing games can help people? A group of gamers known as Zeldathon in Erie, Pennsylvania will be playing The Legend of Zelda for 150 hours this weekend to fundraise for HelpHOPELive, a national nonprofit that helps raise money to help those in need pay their medical bills... More
  • Blog Post: Video Games Live Performer Flute Link Parodies Macklemore In "Clocktown"

    The residents of Majora’s Mask’s Clock Town may be a bunch of weirdos, and maybe a little depressed, but a new music video parody of Macklemore’s “Downtown” is poised to inject a little positivity into their beat. Video Games Live performer and professional vocalist Laura... More
  • Blog Post: Zelda Maker Already Exists And You Can Play It Right Now

    Remember when Nintendo first announced Super Mario Maker and everyone started speculating that maybe Nintendo would make a Zelda Maker next. Nintendo was too slow. Someone else beat them to the punch. Justin Sink 's fun little project isn't the only way to make your own Zelda games; if you fancy... More
  • Blog Post: Legend of Zelda Fan Art Group Releases Huge New Collection

    Link’s Blacklist, a Legend of Zelda fan art collective that focuses exclusively on bosses and enemies of the game series, has released its annual update of over 40 new pieces of art. Series fans can now see their favorite enemies brought to life in a variety of styles, including a Grinexx made... More
  • Blog Post: The Legend of Zelda: Symphony Of The Goddesses Is Stephen Colbert's Musical Guest Tonight

    Update: Tonight's musical guest on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert is an unexpected one. The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses orchestra's appearance was announced last week, but this is a reminder to make sure you tune in. The episode airs tonight on CBS at 11:35 p.m. Eastern and... More
  • Blog Post: Artist Collective Creates Intriguing Takes On Classic Zelda Enemies

    A classic video game hero can gain a lot of enemies over the course of 28 years. Link’s Blacklist, a Legend of Zelda enemy artwork collective, is celebrating those villains in its annual digital art showcase. Link’s Blacklist, established in 2012, is a group of over 150 artists that submit... More
  • Blog Post: Zelda And Peach Have An Epic Princess Throwdown

    The Mario Bros. have gotten into their fair share of tussles, and now it looks like their princess is getting into a brawl of her own against Hyrule's own ruler-to-be. Where are these kid's parents? Previously, AndrewMFilms gave us this look at Fallout vs Skyrim and this glimpse of a Lego first... More
  • Blog Post: Here's What A Legend Of Zelda Film Would Look Like As A Western

    Everyone’s favorite green-clad dungeon explorer has traveled through a variety of dimensions and ridden trains, boats, and horses, but he’s never strapped on a six shooter…until now. Beatdownboogie gives us a fun little look at this Legend of Zelda-themed old west shootout. I'd... More
  • Blog Post: Legend Of Zelda Manga Returning From Seven-Year Hiatus

    The manga team Akira Himekawa recently announced the return of their Legend of Zelda manga series on their website . Anime News Network translated their post from Japanese: "2015, after 7 years...The Legend of Zelda manga series returns! Please support it!" The official Legend of Zelda Twitter... More
  • Blog Post: Learn How Zelda Met Game Of Thrones In This Delightful Fan Video

    We're probably not getting a The Legend of Zelda Netflix show anytime soon, but we can still dream. Just a few days ago , YouTuber Megasteakman and his friends animated a likely intro for a The Legend of Zelda show, in the vein of Game of Thrones. Now you can learn how that slick video was made in... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: What Is Your Favorite Song From The Legend Of Zelda Series?

    Last weekend, we ran a poll asking you what game franchise has the best music. While Final Fantasy and Halo racked up a lot of support from our readers, The Legend of Zelda secured nearly 30% of the vote and came away with the victory. Now, we want to take it a step further. Even if you didn't vote... More
  • Blog Post: New Legend of Zelda Live Action Film Will Recreate The Classic Battle

    A new Legend of Zelda Fan film looks to recreate the final battle between Link and Ganon from the Ocarina of Time. Based on what we’ve seen so far from an early teaser trailer, we hope this isn’t the last Zelda film they make. While rumors still circulate that Netflix is eyeing The Legend... More
  • Blog Post: Fierce Deity Link Splits The Moon In Hyrule Warriors' Majora's Mask DLC Trailer

    A Nintendo Direct earlier this month offered a small peek at the upcoming Hyrule Warriors' Majora's Mask DLC, but a new Japanese trailer offers much more. You will see Tingle and Young Link/Fierce Deity Link in action, as well as the reveal of some previously teased costumes and additional content... More
  • Blog Post: Koei Tecmo Promises Plenty Of Hyrule Warriors Updates Post-Release

    To commemorate the Japanese release of Hyrule Warriors, Koei Tecmo shared an important piece of information regarding its title. Despite not releasing worldwide yet, the publisher promises to provide long-term support for the upcoming hack-and-slash title. Taking to its official Twitter account, the... More
  • Blog Post: No Deku Trees Were Harmed In The Making Of These Laser-Cut Wooden Hyrule Maps

    For many Legend of Zelda fans, the many caverns, hills, and rivers of Hyrule have been etched into our memories. Now, one artist has etched Ocarina of Time's world map into wood slab for your viewing pleasure. From the minds of graphic designer Alex Griendling and Neutral Ground , the 24 by 18 inch... More
  • Blog Post: Prepare To Be Wowed By These Stunning Legend Of Zelda And Resident Evil Posters

    Detroit-based graphic artist Marinko Milosevski has released a new set of video game movie posters for your viewing pleasure based on The Legend of Zelda and Resident Evil. You may remember Milosevski’s previous works with Pokémon and Star Fox . If you’re interested in seeing the rest... More
  • Blog Post: Lego Artist Says, 'It's Dangerous To Go Alone, Take Bricks'

    Julius von Brunk likes video games. He also likes Legos. When he combines his two passions, the results are incredible. His most recent endeavor is a Legend of Zelda lamp featuring the three spiritual stones -- the Kokiri's Emerald, the Goron's Ruby, and the Zora's Sapphire -- from Ocarina... More
  • Blog Post: A Link To The Past Overworld Gets The Game Of Thrones Treatment

    If you want see a nearly shot-for-shot recreation of the Game of Thrones TV show introduction using the world of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, look no further. YouTuber Steve of The Pixel Kingdom made the video, which pans through a miniature, almost tilt-shifted version of Hyrule, and even... More
  • Blog Post: New Legend Of Zelda Headed To Wii U

    Today Nintendo revealed a brand new Legend of Zelda game for Wii U. Longtime Zelda mastermind Eiji Aonuma explained that the new game will be wide open as opposed to past regimented games in the series (specifically Wind Waker), showing a sprawling landscape with mountains and fields. Link is shown atop... More
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