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  • Blog Post: Tencent Now Complete Owner Of League Of Legends Dev Riot Games

    Tencent Holdings, a large Chinese media and investment company, has purchased Riot Games remaining equity. The company purchased a majority stake in the League of Legends developer in 2011, but now completely owns the MOBA studio. The news was announced on December 15, as Riot shared with employees a... More
  • Blog Post: Shark Tank's Mark Cuban Really Likes League Of Legends, Calls Out ESPN's Colin Cowherd

    Arguments for eSports' legitimacy are becoming less and less necessary as the sport expands, but just in case, renowned investor (and Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! star and Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie executive producer) Mark Cuban has one for you. In a recent, brief interview below with ESL... More
  • Blog Post: SKTelecom Takes Home The 2015 League Of Legends World Champions' Summoner's Cup

    The 2015 League of Legends World Champions tournament has declared its winner. SKTelecom defeated KOO Tigers in the final rounds this morning making it the first team to ever win two League of Legends World Champions. SKTelecom also won in 2013 . SKTelecom's Gyeong-hwan "MaRin" Jang was... More
  • Blog Post: BBC Three To Stream League Of Legends World Championships

    British institution the BBC will stream the League of Legends World Championship starting on October 15, along with supplemental coverage. All four days of the quarterfinals will be online at BBC Three live from Wembley, with interviews with players and fans, as well as commentary from casters Leigh... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: How Many Free-To-Play Games Do You Play?

    There are lots of free-to-play games, but most require significant time investment. How many do you play? Are you focused purely on Dota 2 or League of Legends? Or do you dabble in both? How about Team Fortress 2? Or PlanetSide 2? Do you play a whole bunch all at once? How about mobile games? Experiment... More
  • Blog Post: Razer’s League Of Legends Scouter Gives You The 411 On Your Opponents

    Razer has found a way to give League of Legends players a leg up in competition while remaining in compliance with Riot guidelines. The new League of Legends Scouter integrates with Razer Comms, a secure voice-over-IP (VOIP) service. LoL Scouter displays the following details not readily available in... More
  • Blog Post: League Of Legends Champions Put Aside Their Differences To Make Epic Cosplay Video

    Riot Games, developer of the wildly popular League of Legends, challenged the Youtubers behind Sneaky Zebra to make a cosplay music video. Looks like they won. The video shows off some truly impressive work from the likes of Tabba Cosplay and Selastori Cosplay . Over thirty champions are featured, from... More
  • Blog Post: Teen Pleads Guilty To 23 Counts Of Harassment, Including Swatting

    A Coquitlam, British Columbia 17-year-old has pleaded guilty to 23 counts of harassment, extortion, and public mischief following an arrest in December 2014. Among the unnamed youth’s activities: the practice known as swatting (making a false police report in order to instigate a heavily armed... More
  • Blog Post: Minecraft, GTA, And Five Nights At Freddy's Continue To Dominate Viewership Numbers On YouTube

    Just as they did the month before , Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto, and Five Nights at Freddy's were the most viewed video game franchises on YouTube in April 2015. While the top five was rounded out by familiar franchises Call of Duty and League of Legends, some new entrants made their way into the... More
  • Blog Post: League of Legends Fan Issues Plea To Parents Of Players

    We've all experienced moment as kids when the parents exercise their dictatorial power, reaching for the power button and killing your progress in a game. Their hearts may be in the right place, but it's not always a considerate action. This is especially true during online games where a disappearing... More
  • Blog Post: League Of Legends Players Get Good Behavior Rewards, Possibly Dedicated Gaming Network

    If you play League of Legends and were a good boy or girl in 2014, you might have something special waiting for you from Riot. If you’ve suddenly received a mystery gift, it’s because you kept your nose clean over the course of the past year. Riot says it is distributing the gifts to players... More
  • Blog Post: Razer Announces ‘Team Razer: Great Games’ eSports Documentary

    Razer has announced a three-part documentary series that will explore some of the most competitive video games and their players. Team Razer: Great Games will explore the origins of competitive gaming in an effort to introduce new viewers to the sport. The first installment of the series focuses on Starcraft... More
  • Blog Post: MMO And MOBA Genres Continue Massive Success

    A new research study details the worldwide popularity of the MMO and MOBA genres, which League of Legends projected to pull in nearly a billions dollars. Super Data Research recently published its "MMO Market Report" (which lumps MOBAs like League of Legends into the MMO category). The study... More
  • Blog Post: Team Samsung White Wins The 2014 League Of Legends World Championship

    Korean pro-gaming team Samsung White won top honors at the League of Legends 2014 World Championship, taking home the title and the $1 million prize. The team beat out Star Horn Royal Club 3-1. This is the second year in a row Star Horn Royal Club took second place. Last year , SK Telecom T1 took home... More
  • Blog Post: League Of Legends Reveals Ascension Game Mode

    League of Legend's latest featured game mode, Ascension, has a new trailer today alongside some gameplay details. In Ascension, players will work together to take down Ancient Ascendant Xerath in the center of the map to acquire tremendous power. Players that take down Xerath will receive bonus health... More
  • Blog Post: League Of Legends And Esports At PAX Prime 2014

    At PAX Prime 2014, we sat down to chat with Riot Games’ VP of eSports Dustin Beck about League of Legends and the direction of things to come for the competitive moba. With eSports commanding bigger prize pools and attracting more viewers than ever, where’s Riot taking things next? “We’ve... More
  • Blog Post: League Of Legends Targets New Offenses

    The League of Legends Tribunal system has already existed as a tool to weed out toxic and offensive players, but new functionality will test the ability to target one of the major gripes in any given MOBA game – Intentional feeding. Offenders will be given a 14-day or permanent ban, making this... More
  • Blog Post: League Of Legends' New Cinematic Is Worth Watching Even If You Don’t Know The Characters

    I’ve played a bit of League of Legends, but it’s been months since I logged in and I have forgotten most of what I learned. I don’t know who the characters are or what makes them special amongst a sea of heavily stylized fighters. Thankfully, for the purposes of this cinematic, it really... More
  • Blog Post: Older League Of Legends Skin Codes Deactivated To Curb Scamming

    If you’re holding onto an unredeemed League of Legends skin code, you should read on. You’ve got a very limited time to get some help redeeming it before it’s gone for good. Riot Games attends a number of events and, as a token of good will toward fans that visit them at PAX, Gamescom... More
  • Blog Post: In Service Of Corporate Culture, Riot Will Pay New Employees To Leave

    Riot Games is known for its rigorous hiring process that focuses on corporate culture and knowledge of League of Legends. Despite a rigorous interview regimen, sometimes the fit isn’t quite as good as hoped. Riot is taking steps to make a transition out in those situations as painless as possible... More
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