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  • Blog Post: Former EA CEO John Riccitiello Takes Over Unity, Founder David Helgason To Stay

    Unity has announced a leadership change as founder David Helgason steps down to focus on the company’s strategy. His replacement is a familiar face in the gaming world. Former Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello will lead the engine company. In a note on the Unity homepage, Helgason says that... More
  • Blog Post: Don Mattrick To Make Over $50 Million As Zynga Boss

    As Don Mattrick prepares to start turning the Zynga ship around next week, some of the reasons for his move have become clear. In an SEC filing, Zynga has disclosed just how much Mattrick will be earning as CEO. The paperwork details a variety of components to the deal that amount to over $50 million... More
  • Blog Post: Former EA CEO John Riccitiello Has Suggestions For Sony And Microsoft

    It's been less than two months since John Riccitiello resigned as CEO of Electronic Arts. In that time, much has changed for the publisher as it gears up for the next generation. Riccitiello shared his thoughts on what Sony and Microsoft need to do in the next generation to ensure that it isn't... More
  • Blog Post: EA Interim Executive Chairman Probst Awarded $1.03 Million Annual Salary

    The road has been rocky for EA over the past few weeks, with the troublesome issues surrounding the launch of the highly anticipated SimCity and, more recently, the departure of six-year CEO John Riccitiello . Stock prices, which had been slowly on the rise since the start of 2013 took an 8% dive on... More
  • Blog Post: Electronic Arts CEO Comments On The State Of Social Gaming

    Electronic Arts' CEO John Riccitiello had a few things to say about the supposed declining state of social gaming. He had some positive things to say like, "The companies that are now suffering will have another day." He also commented that among the lessons that can be learned is that... More
  • Blog Post: EA Has No Plans To Replace CEO Riccitiello

    With a sinking stock price there are rumblings that Electronic Arts could replace CEO John Riccitiello. Earlier this month, GameFront posted a rumor suggesting COO Peter Moore would replace Riccitiello after the company's earnings call at the end of this month. That doesn't appear to be the case... More
  • Blog Post: EA CEO: PC Is Fastest Growing Platform

    Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello said in a recent interview that the PC is the platform with the fastest-growing software revenues in all of gaming. "Just five years ago, people said that the PC game business was in a radical state of decline because NPD said it was down 10%, 20%, 30% year in... More
  • Blog Post: Activision CEO Wants Call Of Duty/Battlefield Trash-Talking Truce

    At his Gamescom keynote speech, Activision publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg says that the trash-talking between his company and Electronic Arts over Call of Duty and Battlefield, respectively, is bad for the industry. "Competition is of course a good thing. It keeps us all on our toes and ultimately... More
  • Blog Post: Activision Thanks EA

    Before the real bullets between Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Electronic Arts' Battlefield 3 (shown above) really start flying when both games come out this November, Activision CEO Eric Hirschberg has taken the time out to thank his opponent. In a wide-ranging interview with MCV , Hirshberg... More
  • Blog Post: The Old Republic Only Needs 500k Subscribers For Profitability

    Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello reassured investors in clear terms on a conference call yesterday. "At half a million subscribers, the game is substantially profitable," he said of BioWare's upcoming Star Wars MMORPG. This runs counter to speculation floating around the 'Net in... More
  • Blog Post: EA CEO Says Discs Aren't Going Away Despite Digital Growth

    It seems like just yesterday that EA CEO John Riccitiello was saying that digital game sales will overtake retail in 2011. Actually, come to think of it, that was Saturday . Despite those claims, Riccitiello has also stated from the same interview that discs aren't going away "any time soon... More
  • Blog Post: Update: EA Responds To Activision's Infinity Ward Lawsuit

    UPDATE: EA spokesperson Jeff Brown has responded to Activision's including of EA in the lawsuit over Infinity Ward founders Jason West and Vince Zampella. In an email sent to the LA Times , Brown says: "This is a PR play filed with pettiness and deliberate misdirection. Activision wants to hide... More
  • Blog Post: EA's Riccitiello Wants Wii Price Drop, Frustrated By Third Party Support

    In an interview with Industry Gamers, Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello has some surprisingly frank opinions on Nintendo's Wii console and the Japanese console maker's policies towards third-party game publishers. "I would say they did exceptionally well in ‘07 and ‘08, started... More
  • Blog Post: EA CEO Believes Battlefield Can Beat Call Of Duty

    It's no secret that Electronic Arts has been gunning for the Call of Duty franchise, what with their aggressive (if not entirely successful ) Medal of Honor reboot. However, it's not the Medal of Honor series that EA's top man thinks has the best chance of overtaking Activision's crown... More
  • Blog Post: EA Gets Rough With Tiger

    In sports, all that matters is winning, and when you're winning, the world is your oyster. And when you're not... EA has thrown down the gauntlet on Tiger Woods and his cover boy/ franchise affiliation with the Tiger Woods golf series: Win or else. Back when Tiger's sex scandal broke (and... More
  • Blog Post: Have Skateboarding Games Lost Momentum?

    According to EA's John Riccitiello, standalone skateboarding games may be a convention of the past. Speaking to Kotaku this week, Riccitiello explained that while he expects action sports titles to remain entertaining and relevant, “at least for the level of excitement out there, skateboarding... More
  • Blog Post: EA Not Interested In Harmonix

    Electronic Arts used to have a distribution deal for the Rock Band series with publisher MTV Games and series' developer Harmonix, but Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello says that the company is not interested in purchasing the studio. Harmonix was recently put up for sale by parent company Viacom... More
  • Blog Post: EA CEO Says He's Proud Of Medal of Honor

    At the Bank of America Merrill Lynch's Media, Communications, and Entertainment Conference, EA CEO John Riccitiello defended the company's controversial FPS Medal of Honor, stating that he was "incredibly proud" of the title. Following a question asked about the game, Riccitiello expresses... More
  • Blog Post: EA's First Quarter Financial Results Looking Up

    While regular people may only be halfway through 2010, the corporate fiscal calendar for 2011 began a few months ago. Luckily for EA, fiscal 2011 has started strong for the publisher. In its Q1 2011 financial results , EA CEO John Riccitiello said that the publisher "[exceeded] expectations both... More
  • Blog Post: EA Management's Credibility Is "Nonexistant Right Now"

    Electronic Arts' management is being slammed after the company recently announced holiday sales which didn't meet expectations. "Management's credibility is nonexistent right now," says Patrick Becker Jr., whose Becker Capital Management holds about a million EA shares. A Businessweek... More
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