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  • Blog Post: Here's A Video Of Every JRPG You've Ever Played

    Remember when your mother woke you up at the beginning of your favorite JRPG? And finding the magic crystals? And the important minigames? College Humor pretty much hits the nail on the head with its video lampooning the many tropes adopted by assorted JRPGs. You've got the morning wake up, the important... More
  • Blog Post: Check Out Tales Of Zestiria's Japanese TV Spot

    We may have only recently received Tales of Xillia 2 , but Japan is preparing for the launch of the latest Tales game, Zestiria, and you can check out a new video for the game before its January release. The game's Japanese release date was recently revealed to be January 22 on PlayStation 3. As... More
  • Blog Post: Azure Striker Gunvolt Has A Japanese Release Date, No Longer Has English Voice Over

    Still no word on a North American release date, but the game will be out in Japan soon. On August 20, the game will be available to download on the 3DS eShop in Japan. The game is a collaboration between Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune and the developer of the Mega Man Zero series, Inti Creates. Azure... More
  • Blog Post: Dynasty Warriors 8 Xbox 360 Patch On The Way

    The Xbox 360 version of Dynasty Warriors 8 has some slowdown issues, but Tecmo Koei is working on a patch to make the game run smoother. Tecmo Koei released this statement in regard to the upcoming patch: We have received your feedback regarding the slowdown issues for Dynasty Warriors 8 (Xbox 360 version... More
  • Blog Post: Free E-Reader Software Coming To 3DS In Japan

    A major Japanese printing company, recognizing the popularity of the 3DS, is bringing e-book software to the handheld gaming system. Dai Nippon Printing is planning on focusing the software and its related books towards children, the main owners of 3DSs. The software will be free to download, and the... More
  • Blog Post: Final Fantasy V Heading To Japanese iOS Devices

    Final Fantasy V, one of the most highly regarded entries in the Final Fantasy franchise, is heading to Japanese iOS and Android devices. The game will be available in Japan for iOS devices at the end of the month, with an Android version planned for the Summer. The mobile version will be based on the... More
  • Blog Post: New Japanese Shin Megami Tensei IV Trailer

    Atlus has released a new Japanese trailer for the upcoming Shine Megami Tensei IV for 3DS. We still haven't received any solid news or confirmation of the game making its way to the United States. The game was announced in May for Japan . The Shin Megami series is beginning to gain popularity here... More
  • Blog Post: Etrian Odyssey IV To Feature "Lady Boners"

    Atlus is bringing the fourth in the long-running Japanese RPG series to our shores in February, looks like this one has some…innovative…new features. The website Siliconera , which specializes in covering the hardcore Japanese gaming scene, spotted this intriguing development in the game's... More
  • Blog Post: New Code Of Princess Trailer Explains The Story

    Code of Princess is coming to North America is coming October 9. Here's a trailer for the game in case it wasn't on your radar. Code of Princess is a Japanese 2D brawler for the Nintendo 3DS. The protagonist didn't have time to finish getting dressed before she had to start beating up on... More
  • Blog Post: The Japanese Vita Unboxing Videos Have Begun

    Ever since YouTube took over the internet in the mid-2000s, unboxing videos have become a...thing...of some sort. Whether or not you understand the appeal of these shaky-cam looks at the contents of boxes, they're all over the site. With the Playstation Vita releasing in Japan recently, you can now... More
  • Blog Post: Disgaea 4 Intro Video Leaked

    If this cinematic is any indication, Disgaea 4 is actually a 1986 anime series never intended for Western consumption. This might be the most unapologetically Japanese thing I've seen since Shenmue 3. Hah! Just kidding. They're never going to make Shenmue 3. Sucker! More
  • Blog Post: Katamari Creator Says Japanese Game Industry Is A Zombie

    Speaking with Develop , Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi has some frank and harsh words for the Japanese game industry, calling it a "zombie that never dies." He says that Japanese companies – like his former employer Namco Bandai – are too focused on sequels to bring enough... More
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