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  • Blog Post: Transformers Universe Is Closing

    Transformers Universe, which was announced back in 2012, will be no more. The massively online tactical action game that let you play as an Autobot or a Deception is shutting down on January 31 at 10 AM (GMT). The closure period starts now, though. Those who purchased a founders pack, relic bundle, or... More
  • Blog Post: Runescape Collectible Card Game Coming In 2015

    With Hearthstone hitting the scene in such a big way , the new wave of digital collectible games is here to stay. The latest company to announce its intention to enter the market is Jagex, with a title based on its long-running Runescape MMO. Chronicle: Runescape Legends isn’t just a PvP experience... More
  • Blog Post: Runescape Asks Players To Protect Their Pigs In Bacon Quest

    "Bacon makes everything better," or so the saying goes. Jagex is hoping that it's true of videogames, as it embarks on the boldest, porkiest adventure that has ever hit Runescape. Bacon Quest is underway. The world of Gielinor has accidentally discovered what those of us on Earth have known... More
  • Blog Post: RuneScape 3 Moves To HTML 5 Later This Month

    Jagex announced today that RuneScape 3 will launch on July 22, officially advancing Gielinor inhabitants into the series’ 6th Age. The release includes several technological updates to previous RuneScape games, including HTML 5 compatibility. RuneScape 3’s transition to HTML 5 brings with... More
  • Blog Post: Ace Of Spades Launches Today

    Ace of Spades, the combat and construction game by Europe’s largest independent games studio, Jagex, goes live today. Think part Minecraft, part FPS, and all creativity. Ace of Spades brings the battle of Blue versus Green to your PC with real-time strategy as you mine and shoot your way to victory... More
  • Blog Post: New Trailer And Images Take You Into Transformers Universe

    Excited about the recently announced MMO starring those crazy shape-changing robots? Revel in these new glimpses of the game. Publisher Jagex sent along some new art and a trailer that helped showcase the game at Comic-Con this year. The visuals don't show any actual gameplay from Transformers Universe... More
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