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  • Blog Post: After Defeat In U.S., Rebellion Still Doesn’t Want Developers To Use Its Name In Titles

    If Rebellion (the developer behind the Sniper Elite series, NeverDead, and Rogue Warrior) had its way, no one would be able to use the word “rebellion” in a video game title. The studio attempted to enforce a trademark in a lawsuit against Sins of the Solar Empire: Rebellion developer Ironclad... More
  • Blog Post: Sins Of A Dark Age Trailer Shows Off Realm Quests

    Sins of a Dark Age, a multiplayer online battle arena title for PC from the developers of Sins of a Solar Empire, features a mixture of role-playing and real-time strategy elements. Ironclad Games’ Blair Fraser explains in the new trailer how realm quests – a gameplay system offering new... More
  • Blog Post: Sins Of A Dark Age Announced

    The follow-up to Ironclade Games' Sins of a Solar Empire is in development, the studio confirmed today. The new strategy game, called Sins of a Dark Age, is a new franchise and not related to Sins of a Solar Empire in any way. The gameplay centers on players choosing either a Hero role or the Commander... More
  • Blog Post: Sins Of A Solar Empire: Rebellion Announced

    Ironclad Games and Stardock unveiled a big expansion to the lauded real-time strategy title today. Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion adds a wealth of ships, factions, and features to the already rich mix. If you're not familiar with Sins of a Solar Empire, you should be. The 2008 RTS combined 4X... More
  • Blog Post: Sins Of A Solar Empire To Enter "New Era" In 2011

    Stardock's 2010 Customer Report dropped a tease about upcoming announcements for Sins of a Solar Empire. The surprise hit space real-time strategy title won many fans at and since its 2008 release, and apparently Stardock and developer Ironclad Games have more tricks up their sleeves. The report... More
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