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  • Blog Post: Filmmaker Anthony Rosner Details Return To World Of Warcraft After Overcoming Addiction

    In early 2012, we shared with you the story of Anthony Rosner , an avid World of Warcraft player. Rosner documented his life as a guild leader and raider in Blizzard's immensely popular MMO. Unfortunately, the young man became addicted, and it wasn't until forcing himself to step away entirely... More
  • Blog Post: Real Life Creepers Terrify In Minecraft: The Last Minecart

    Forget Dead Island . Nothing is more horrifying than a throng of Creepers, especially when they’ve evolved to walk the day. CooridorDigital recognized our instinctual fear of the pixilated plague bearers, and created an IRL tribute to Minecraft involving a plot to escape a city overrun by the undead... More
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