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  • Blog Post: The Season Pass For Lego Marvel's Avengers Detailed

    The season pass and first DLC content for Lego Marvel's Avengers has been revealed, and it looks like the $10 pass is going to deliver plenty of content. The DLC kicks off with the Classic Captain Marvel Character & Level Pack and the Classic The Masters of Evil Character & Level Pack on... More
  • Blog Post: Post-Apocalyptic Survival Game Sheltered Is Launching On Consoles And PC Next Week

    Sheltered, a post-apocalyptic survival game from indie team Unicube, is coming out very soon. It will be available for download on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on March 15. The game charges you with protecting and providing for your family in the wake of a global nuclear holocaust. Your underground shelter... More
  • Blog Post: Insomniac Reveals Song Of The Deep

    Insomniac has announced its newest project, an undersea exploration game called Song of the Deep. Modeled after games like Metroid and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, the game has a more “indie” aesthetic than most projects we’ve seen from Insomniac. The new project finds a girl... More
  • Blog Post: Tremendous QuakeCon 2015 Sale On Bethesda Games For PC, PlayStation, And Xbox

    Not at QuakeCon 2015? No worries! You can get into the spirit of Bethesda and id Software's big event by taking advantage of solid savings across PC and consoles. The biggest, flashiest deal is the Bethesda QuakeCon 2015 bundle on Steam. You can save 70% on this collection of awesome Bethesda games... More
  • Blog Post: Build Up And Defend Your Own Base In Neverwinter's Free Strongholds Expansion

    The Dungeons & Dragons-flavored, free-to-play MMORPG, Neverwinter, is getting its seventh free expansion next month. Strongholds challenges players to build up their own bases and defend them against onslaughts from enemy players, complete with a new PvP mode. Strongholds contains the biggest zone... More
  • Blog Post: This Week In Mobile: Boats, Snipers, And Psychedelic Puppies

    Emotions flew all over the place during this week in mobile. First we assassinated criminals in Hitman: Sniper, then we saved a puppy in Looking For Laika. After rescuing the puppy, we ran away with her by building a boat in You Must Build A Boat. At the end of the week, when we realized our story was... More
  • Blog Post: New Warrior Hero Magni Bronzebeard Slams Into Hearthstone Soon

    Tired of looking at Garrosh Hellscream's ugly mug each time you play your dominating warrior deck in Heartstone: Heroes of Warcraft? Thankfully an alliance hero joins the fray soon, in the form of mighty dwarven king Magni Bronzebeard. Purchasing this squat fighter wins you a host of flashy cosmetic... More
  • Blog Post: In-Game Dying Light Hint Suggests Release Date For Bozak Horde DLC

    Techland's first-person, open-world zombie-apocalypse game is set in a ruined city, scattered with hundreds of broken-down vehicles. Among Dying Light 's derelict vehicles are some taxi cabs, each with a number to call the fictional dispatcher. Curious gamers are finding that calling the number... More
  • Blog Post: Shadowrun Chronicles Leaves Early Access, Offers Online Campaign Co-Op

    Cyberpunk fans are likely already familiar with Harebrained Schemes' excellent Shadowrun Returns reboot. Because the role-playing world featuring cybernetic elves and orcs is too big for one studio, developer Cliffhanger Productions is officially releasing Shadowrun Chronicles – Boston Lockdown... More
  • Blog Post: Driveable Vehicles, Hard Mode, And More Coming To Dying Light

    We had a ton of fun with Techland's spiritual successor to Dead Island, Dying Light, when it launched early last month ( read our review here ). Since then, the developers have been paying close attention to player feedback and are planning free content packs for future updates. A new Hard Mode difficulty... More
  • Blog Post: The Evil Within "The Assignment" DLC Available Today

    Months have passed since detective Sebastian Castellanos' harrowing adventure in The Evil Within released ( read my review here ). The madness continues today with a downloadable side story starring one of Castellanos' mysterious affiliates, detective Juli Kidman, complete with new surprises... More
  • Blog Post: Borderlands 2 Writer Says DLC Is Where Devs Should Get Weird

    Today at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, former Gearbox writer Anthony Burch (now a writer at RocketJump) discussed the benefits of focusing on characters for DLC instead of plot. He points to his experience writing DLC stories for Borderlands 2 and fans' warm reception for memorable... More
  • Blog Post: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call DLC Adds Another Chrono Trigger Track & More

    Square Enix is now offering up more DLC tracks for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call at $.99 apiece. Last month, DLC tracks for Chrono Trigger and The World Ends With You , among others, were also added to the canon. Squer Enix is also teasing more add-on tracks for March 5. Here are today's... More
  • Blog Post: WWE 2K15 Unloads New Moves Via DLC

    Impress the crowd and stun your opponent with these new moves from WWE 2K15's latest DLC pack. The DLC offering packs in 30 moves for $3.99, including an alternate version of Sister Abigail, the Gutwrench Suplex, Rack Attack, Running Knee Smash, and Uso Crazy and Spinning Powerbomb as popularized... More
  • Blog Post: Xenogears Track & More Appear As Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call DLC

    Square Enix has released more DLC tracks for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call's Second Performance, each priced at $.99. The battle music-sequence tracks are: "Opening – Bombing Mission" (Final Fantasy VII) "Primal Judgement" (Final Fantasy XIV) "Soaring"... More
  • Blog Post: Rare Co-Founder's New Game Bounces To Android

    Tim Stamper, one of the co-founders of Rare and partially responsible for classics Rare titles like Banjo-Kazooie and GoldenEye 007, is back releasing new games since departing the industry back in 2007. This time Tim Stamper’s new project is all about bouncing adorable little critters across your... More
  • Blog Post: Genesis RPG Pier Solar HD Out Now On Xbox One

    Gamers who still long for the days of 16-bit RPGs can pretend it's 1994 with another release of Pier Solar HD, a classic RPG originally created by indie studio WaterMelon for the Genesis system in 2010 (not a typo), which has how now made it's way to the Xbox One. Pier Solar has already made... More
  • Blog Post: Check Out This Free Minimalist Browser Puzzle Game Called 0h h1

    A developer called Q42 created 0h h1 (a play on "oh hi") for browsers. The self-described "little logic game" tasks players with filling in a colored grid with blue and red tiles. The trick is to have two of both colors in every horizontal and vertical column and row. And you can't... More
  • Blog Post: Wolves In Sheep's Clothing In Forza Horizon 2's Falken Car Pack

    If you've been playing Forza Horizon 2, by now you should have some proud additions to your garage. But if you're looking for something rare or powerful or unusual, look no further than the new Falken car pack. The six-car pack is now available for the game ( click for our review ) on Xbox One... More
  • Blog Post: Dance Central Spotlight Out Today On Xbox One

    It was only early this summer that Harmonix announced Dance Central Spotlight, but the day of release has arrived. The Kinect-exclusive downloadable game is available right now on Xbox One. The base version of the game costs $10 and includes 10 songs, including "Royals" by Lorde, "Counting... More
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