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  • Blog Post: Heroes Of Newerth Adding Retro-Themed Alternate Avatars

    LightGunblade is the first new alternate avatar in Heroes of Newerth’s 8-bit promotion , and the proceeds are contributing to the game’s prize pool at DreamHack this summer. Based on arcade light-gun games, the LightGunblade variant of Gunblade wields a pair of light guns and features pixelated... More
  • Blog Post: Developers Comment On League Of Legends Streaming Prohibition

    Earlier this week, we reported that Riot Games' contract with sponsored players includes some new prohibitions on streaming . The agreement includes a long list of titles that League players aren't allowed to broadcast, including Blizzard games, competing MOBAs, and even Sony's Fat Princess... More
  • Blog Post: Heroes Of Newerth Goes Free-To-Play

    S2 Games is taking its DotA-alike in the direction they all seem to be going these days: free-to-play, with a strong base game available to anyone and additional heroes for purchase. To its credit, S2 is doing right by the players who have previously paid for the game. All existing Heroes of Newerth... More
  • Blog Post: Heroes Of Newerth Celebrates First Birthday With Giveaway

    Heroes of Newerth is marking its first anniversary with several enhancements and updates. And if you haven't yet checked out the multiplayer-based PC RPG, developer S2 Games is starting an 11-day free-to-play session today. “The HoN community has been instrumental in the success of the game... More
  • Blog Post: NSFW: New Research Looks At Hate Speech On Xbox Live

    If you're a white, 18-to-35-year-old male with a nondescript Xbox Live Gamertag, then you probably face a fairly normal, more or less manageable amount of harassment when playing multiplayer games. But a new study proves what I'm sure comes as no shock to gamers familiar with Xbox Live's... More
  • Blog Post: Indie Week: Day Three

    [Welcome to Indie Week at gameinformer.com. We’ve got a full seven days of indie game coverage leading up to the 2010 Independent Games Festival Awards. Check the hub daily for new previews, interviews and other coverage of the top independent games of the year.] Welcome to day three of Indie Week... More
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