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  • Blog Post: Level-5 Registers Three Ambiguous Trademarks

    Level-5, the developer behind games like Ni No Kuni and the Professor Layton series, has trademarked three ambiguous game titles: Wonderflick, Rare Drop Adventurer Note, and Earth Devastating B-rank Girlfriend. Level-5 is responsible for the Guild01 and upcoming Guild02 titles , and it's possible... More
  • Blog Post: Guild02's First Game Is The Starship Damrey, Coming This Month

    Guild01, the program that brought small games from notable developers to the 3DS, is getting a sequel of sorts with Guild02. The first game is coming later this month. Guild01 brought us Liberation Maiden , Aero Porter , and Crimson Shroud . The first game in the Guild02 series will be The Starship Damrey... More
  • Blog Post: Aero Porter Flies To North America

    Level-5, the company behind the Professor Layton series, is releasing Aero Porter, an airport-simulator and puzzle game. The game is the second of three downloadable games from the Guild01 collection to make its way to North America. The gameplay will focus on day-to-day operations at an airport through... More
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