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  • Blog Post: New Horizon Zero Dawn Footage Is Thunderous

    Horizon was one of the breakout titles from E3, and thankfully the game looks better than ever in Sony’s newest demo. Hermen Hulst from Guerrilla Games showed off Horizon: Zero Dawn during Sony’s Paris Games Week press conference. Set on Earth nearly a thousand years into the future, Horizon... More
  • Blog Post: Killzone Celebrates 10 Years With DLC, Streams, Giveaways, And Events

    Killzone turned 10 years old Sunday and to celebrate, developer Guerrilla Games has a series of events, expansions, and DLC planned. On the PlayStation blog Guerrilla community manager Jeroen Roding wrote, "When the original Killzone came out for PS2 on November 2nd, 2004, we had no way of knowing... More
  • Blog Post: Killzone: Shadow Fall's First Major Multiplayer Expansion Releases Today

    The first major multiplayer expansion pack for Killzone: Shadow Fall has released today. A post on the PlayStation.Blog by Poria Torkan, producer at Guerrilla Games, has detailed the numerous updates players can expect. Shadow Fall's multiplayer is getting a new class, the insurgent, with two unique... More
  • Blog Post: Killzone: Shadow Fall Free Multiplayer Access Week Starts Soon

    Regardless of whether you are a PlayStation Plus member or not, starting next week, you will be able to try out Killzone: Shadow Fall's multiplayer mode free of charge. Shadow Fall's free multiplayer week begins March 3 at 5 PM PST and will be available for a week. The free week of multiplayer... More
  • Blog Post: Guerrilla Games' New IP Has Been In The Works For More Than 2 Years

    Guerrilla Games has grown to be synonymous for the Killzone franchise, but that doesn't mean that the Amsterdam studio still isn't interested in branching out. A new video created for Japan's PS4 launch has the vaguest of vague teases about their next IP. The clip is mostly a shout-out to... More
  • Blog Post: Killzone: Shadow Fall Multiplayer Free This Weekend For PlayStation Plus Members

    Did you get a shiny new PlayStation 4 for the holidays this year, but don’t know what games to purchase? Sony is giving you a test drive of Killzone: Shadow Fall this weekend. You can begin pre-loading the title right now for the free weekend, which will take place from December 28 through December... More
  • Blog Post: New Killzone: Shadow Fall Patch Is Live, Offering Numerous Additions

    A new patch for Killzone: Shadow Fall was deployed yesterday, adding team-based voice chat, color blind support, HUD and radar improvements, the ability to mute players, increased movement speed while using the cloak, and other tweaks all to the multiplayer component. The patch also fixes several exploits... More
  • Blog Post: About Our Killzone: Shadow Fall Review

    One of the standouts of the PlayStation 4 launch is Killzone: Shadow Fall, and you may have started seeing reviews pop up on various sites. We've finished the single player campaign, but are holding out on posting a review until we've had a chance to play multiplayer. We're planning on posting... More
  • Blog Post: Killzone: Shadow Fall High Bitrate Footage Is Stunning

    In an effort to combat one of the biggest problems in showcasing next-gen games, Sony and Guerrilla Games have released a minimally compressed clip of Killzone: Shadow Fall in action. The video is large and requires a video player with hardware acceleration, so get ready for a beefy download. The 570... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] Killzone: Shadow Fall Will Use Dedicated Multiplayer Servers For Some Functions

    Those planning to pick up a PlayStation 4 on November 15 were dealt a couple of blows last week with the delays of Watch Dogs and Driveclub. Thankfully, there's some good news about one of the remaining first party exclusives. Killzone: Shadow Fall game director Steven Ter Heide answers a number... More
  • Blog Post: Catch Up On Killzone's Lore In 60 Seconds

    We've shot our way though a number of firefights in Sony's sci-fi shooter series Killzone, and yet we'd have trouble giving you a quick overview of the plot. If you're like us, you better brush up on you Killzone lore. With Killzone: Shadow Fall set to release on the PS4 later this year... More
  • Blog Post: Killzone: Shadow Fall Announced For PS4

    At today's Sony conference, Guerrilla Games showed off a new entry in the series. Herman Hulst, managing director at Guerrilla Games, unveiled a demo for Killzone: Shadow Fall. The demo entered us in Vekta City, a futuristic vibrant city. The bright lights and beauty portrayed a calmness that is... More
  • Blog Post: Killzone HD Arrives On PSN Next Month

    A digital version of Guerrilla Games' remaster of the first Killzone title hits PlayStation Network on October 23, Sony announced. Killzone HD is also part of an upcoming bundle that includes Killzone 2 and 3. Killzone HD includes 720p resolution, a steady 30 frames-per-second, MSAA filtering, sharper... More
  • Blog Post: Killzone Mercenary Brings Knife Swipes, New Adventure To Vita

    The Vita is getting a lot of love at Sony's Gamescom press conference. First we learned that Media Molecule is working on a Vita game called Tearaway . Sony followed that announcement up with Killzone Mercenary, a new shooter created exclusively for the Vita. Most of the trailer showed live action... More
  • Blog Post: Buy Killzone 3's Multiplayer Separately

    Next week, you'll be able to buy the multiplayer portion of Killzone 3 without having to purchase the full game. As revealed on the PlayStation Blogcast yesterday, players can download the Killzone 3 multiplayer for free and play until they reach a level cap. After hitting the level cap, it will... More
  • Blog Post: Guerrilla Games Co-Founder Joins Dead Space Dev

    Electronic Arts is bulking up the team behind the Dead Space franchise. Arjan Brussee, who co-founded Guerrilla Games in 2003, has left the company to take an executive producer position at Visceral Games, according to a report from Control-Online. He was previously the executive producer on all three... More
  • Blog Post: Killzone Coming To PSN

    [Update] Sony confirmed to Game Informer it will release Killzone on PlayStation Network. The game will cost $9.99 and release on January 24. This is a port of the original PlayStation 2 title. ------------------------------------------ [Original Story] It seems the first Killzone title will soon be... More
  • Blog Post: Report: Killzone Follow-up In Development

    Are you ready for more Killzone? According to an upcoming issue of Edge, the majority of Guerrilla Games' staff is working on the next Killzone installment, which the magazine is calling a "follow-up." In the issue, Guerrilla recruiter Adrian Smith suggested development on the new Killzone... More
  • Blog Post: Killzone 3's From The Ashes DLC & Bundle Pack

    Sony and Guerrilla Games have detailed Killzone 3's From the Ashes DLC, which features 4 new online multiplayer maps (two Guerrilla Warfare and two Warzone ones). From the Ashes comes out on Tuesday, June 21 for $4.99, but you can also buy it as part of the Bundle Pack, which features From the Ashes... More
  • Blog Post: Free Killzone 3 DLC For PlayStation Plus Members

    Killzone 3's Steel Rain DLC featuring two multiplayer maps inspired by the single player is coming out on April 12, and Sony and developer Guerrilla Games have just announced that it'll be free to PlayStation Plus members. This offer is only valid for Plus members through May 10, and the DLC... More
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